Dates and other information on the application process will be updated in Autumn 2014.

Entrance Examinations

All applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility and language skills will be invited to the entrance examination. All applicants must attend an entrance examination.

The maximum points awarded for the entrance examination is 100 points. The entrance examination results of those applicants who are admitted on the basis of the total of points for school performance and the entrance examination are automatically scaled down by 0.7.

Language test

The applicants’ language skills will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis in a language test included in the entrance examination. An applicant who fails the language test is withdrawn from admission.

The language test in the entrance examinations focuses on testing the language skills comprehensively (e.g. subject-knowledge, essay questions concerning the field of study/grammatical exercises and an interview if possible).

An applicant can be exempted from the language test in the entrance examination, if he or she has provided a certificate of his/her language skills to the first-choice UAS by 21 February 2014, 4.15 pm at the latest. Please note that an applicant who is a non-EU/EEA-citizen is required to provide proof of his/her language skills by 21 February 2014. See the minimum language skills requirement.

Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

The Entrance exam will be arranged in Finland on 24 April 2014.

The entrance exam consists of a written part and an interview. The written part is divided into three sections: essay, mathematics and multiple choice questions and the interview provides information on the candidate’s level of spoken English and his/her motivation for the programme.

The minimum score for a passed examination is 30/100

Degree Programme in International Business

The Entrance exam will be arranged in Finland on 23 April 2014.

Saimaa UAS International Business will arrange the entrance exam 2014 in co-operation with other business programmes co-operating in FINNIPS network. Therefore, all qualified applicants who have chosen SUAS International Business as their first-choice programme in the field of international business, will be invited to national IB entrance exam which is arranged in Lappeenranta 23 April 2014. It may be possible to take the exam abroad, see below.

Saimaa UAS International Business entrance exam consists of written part (essay, multiple-choice questions, tasks of applied mathematics and logic) and group discussion. There is a compulsory English language part in the exam. The essay and multiple-choice questions are based on pre-reading material, which applicants must study before the exam.

The pre-reading material for the International Business Entrance Exam 2014 is two PDF files: "Itella Annual Report 2012" and "Itella Group Presentation".

The material is available at this website until 23 April 2014.

Applicants must study the material carefully before the entrance exam. It is not allowed to take the material to the actual exam, and the material is not available during the exam.

The ability to communicate fluently in English, both speaking and writing, is prerequisite for admission. Therefore, applicants must pass all parts of the exam in order to be selected for admission. Applicants scoring below the minimum points of any of the sections will fail the exam.

Maximum points from the entrance exam are 100 points. Applicants scoring less than 30 points from the exam are not eligible for admission.

IB entrance exam points chart:

Examination partMinimum points
Maximum pointsLength
Essay 8 points 25 points 75 min
Multiple-choice Questions 5 points 15 points 45 min
Mathematics/Logic 7 points 20 points 60 min
Group Discussion 10 points 40 points  
Total 30 points 100 points 3 hours +
group discussion

Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

The Entrance exam will be arranged in Finland on 24 April 2014.

The exam consists of two parts:

Part 1: Mathematics, logical deduction, physics or chemistry. From physics and chemistry, you can choose which questions you want to answer.
Part 2: English language test. Reading comprehension, vocabulary and grammar, writing skills.

The minimum score for a passed examination is 30/100.

The lists given below for Part 1 are not complete or accurate. They only give some examples and idea which kind of questions can be included in the entrance exam. The level of questions is based on Finnish high school education. Integral notation is not used in questions and differentiation formulas are not required.

Many problems are applied in realistic environment; however some questions may be purely mathematical, physical or chemical.

Examples of mathematical content: real numbers, numerical calculation, equations, system of equations, elementary functions, percentage, geometry, analytic geometry, basics of set theory, basics of probability.

Examples of physics content: Force and motion, work and energy, heat and thermodynamics, properties of fluids, electric charges, resistance and simple resistor circuits, and geometrical optics.

Examples of chemical content: Structure of atoms, elements, simple inorganic and organic compounds. Stoichiometry, reactions, reaction equations. Properties of gases, liquids and mixtures. Solutions, concentration, strong acids and bases, pH and neutralization, oxidation and reduction.

Entrance examinations outside Finland

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences organises entrance examinations abroad in cooperation with the so called FINNIPS network (Finnish Network for International Programmes, The entrance examinations can be arranged between 1 April and 2 May 2014.

Saimaa UAS will invite applicants who have demonstrated their eligibility and language skills by the set date to participate in the entrance exams in the countries listed at the bottom of this page.

If you are invited to an examination, you will receive an invitation letter by mail (letters are posted in March). Detailed information on places and dates will be sent to the applicants only in the invitation letter.

To make up their mind about which 1 - 4 degree programmes to apply for, applicants can check which degree programmes in Finland accept the entrance exam of each other on the website of the Finnish National Board of Education, please see.

At the same site applicants can also check which Universities of Applied Sciences/degree programmes arrange entrance exams abroad and in which countries, please see.

Entrance examinations of Saimaa UAS degree programmes abroad in the spring 2014.

Also applicants living in the neighbouring countries can be invited to the entrance exams of the respective country (only those neighbouring countries which are mentioned in the brackets).

  1. Brazil: Sao Paolo (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Guyana, French Guiana, Surinam, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina)
  2. China: Guangzhou and Wuhan (Hong Kong, Japan, South-Korea, Mongolia)
  3. Estonia: Tallinn
  4. Germany: Ludwigshafen (Austria, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland)
  5. Great Britain: London (Ireland, USA, Canada)
  6. Hungary: Budapest (Slovenia, Croatia)
  7. Latvia: Riga (Lithuania)
  8. Poland: Warsaw (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova)
  9. Russia: St.Petersburg, Murmansk, Dmitrov (any other CIS, e.g. Belarus, Ukraine)
  10. Turkey: Istanbul (Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates)
  11. Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines)

Changes are possible.