Good morning to all!

It has been quite a long time since the last time I dropped a line here. Now that I have freed from some of the university courses, I will be writing here more often. Actually, there has been a lot happening lately – both in university life and interesting pastime, which I am sure you would be interested to learn about.

Why on the world are you still having some study courses in the middle of June? – some of you may wonder. Yes, strange as it may sound, I do have courses in the summertime. Those are summer studies offered by other universities of applied sciences in Finland. The courses are absolutely free of charge for the degree students, exchange students and Open UAS path students. So, luckily for us, we can not only take summer studies at our own universities of applied sciences, but also from all those in Finland – how great it is?! Furthermore, a lion’s share of all those courses collectively offered by all UASs in Finland has online or blended learning method, which means that there is either no lectures, or just a few, so you don’t even need to relocate to be able to participate in those. In this blog today I will be sharing with you my personal experience of taking summer courses and attending lectures for them.

Should you decide to follow my path and take some studies for the next summer, I strongly recommend you to, first, look at those offered by Saimaa – I have already completed all of those during the last summer, and have now switched to those offered by other UASs. For those of you who find themselves in a situation similar to mine, I suggest that you go through summer courses offered by Karelia and Savonia UAS, because students of Saimaa UAS are fully eligible to take those. If you, however, don’t find anything interesting for yourself, I have another suggestion for you. There is this portal called, which is basically a joint portal of more than 20 UASs offering study courses for the summer. It offers a wide variety of courses: from various language and culture studies, natural sciences, tourism, catering, humanities and education to social sciences, business administration, technology, communication, as well as entrepreneurship and sports.

If you wish to know, here are the courses I have taken for this summer:

  1. The Banking Industry, Arcada UAS
  2. Corporate Banking, Arcada UAS
  3. Personal and Private Banking, Arcada UAS
  4. C-programming, Metropolia UAS
  5. C++-programming, Metropolia UAS
  6. Python-programming, Metropolia UAS
  7. Basics of finance, Novia UAS
  8. TOEFL preparation course, Metropolia UAS

I have already completed the first two in the list, and I can tell you that they are definitely worth the time, if you are willing to learn more about the banking industry and its most recent developments. Both courses have blended learning methods, which means that there is both a virtual component, and some contact lessons. For each of the two courses I had two long lecture days, and two presentation dates, where we presented our essays on one of the topics offered.

As a guest-lecturer for the Corporate Banking course, we had a risk management professional with well over 20 years of experience and some big names and titles on his resume.

Having finished the two courses, I started the Basics of finance one. It also seems to be a very interesting course. As a first assignment, we had to virtually invest 100000 euros in the stock market. I am also very eager to start with the programming ones, as it is becoming an increasingly valuable skill in the labor market, even for non-IT professions.

Arcada UAS and Helsinki were rather hospital. Even meal subsidy card works here 🙂

I should also mention that the schedule of the course is quite flexible, so you can even combine it with full-time work. Even if you take courses with blended learning method you do not necessarily have to attend the lectures, and can, for instance, compensate for your absence with an additional assignment.

While in Helsinki for the Banking courses’ contact lectures at Arcada UAS, I managed to walk around the city and see some of its main sites. The city is lovely, and I will be telling you more about my wonderful travel there in one of the coming blogs 🙂

This is, however, all for today.

See you soon! 🙂