Nurses are needed all over the world. International bachelor’s degree in Nursing opens the doors in Europe as well as in many other countries.

At Saimaa University of Applies Sciences, the first group of English-speaking nursing-students start their studies in autumn 2018.

“The degree gives the students qualification to work all over the Europe and also in some Asian countries. And if the degree is not qualified in some country, you don’t have to start your studies from the beginning but only study a bit more and you get the qualification”, says Ms. Pirjo Huovila, the Degree Programme Manager of Nursing.

Nursing studies start from the very beginning. Saimaa UAS has educated nurses in Finnish language for years so the curriculum of studies is well tested and proven to work. The study programme starts with lectures and then, little by little, students start practicing - at first with dolls, then with other students and finally with real patients.

“At first there will be some lectures in which students get to know the basics. Quite soon we start training the practical skill. Our simulation rooms offer an excellent chance to learn and practice the skills in a situations that feels very real”, says Senior Lecturer Anne Suikkanen.

Saimaa UAS is the most international University of Applied Sciences is Finland. There are approximately 3000 degree students of which 450 are international, Ms. Huovila says. In addition, over a hundred exchange students per year study a semester or two in Saimaa UAS every year.

“Finland and Lappeenranta might be far away from home but our students are not alone here”, she assures.

Saimaa UAS is relatively small higher education institution.  It means that teachers get to know students much better than in bigger universities. There’s also an effective tutoring system: each student gets a named tutor teacher whose job is to make sure everything goes as planned.

“Students can contact the tutoring teacher with any kinds of problems and we help them”, says Ms. Suikkanen, who’s at the moment a tutor teacher of one of the Finnish-speaking nursing students groups.

Ms. Huovila and Ms. Suikkanen have educated nurses for years. This year, because of the English-speaking nursing degree, there’s something extra to wait for.

“We are really looking forward to meeting our international students. The English-speaking nursing group will consist of both Finnish and foreign students so there will be students from different backgrounds and cultures. That will give an extra spice to conversations we will have during the studies.”

Application period 9 – 24 January 2018

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Tuition fees and scholarship scheme for non EU/EEA students

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