Lappeenranta, Finland

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Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Degree title in Finnish: Insinööri (AMK)

Duration and extent of studies:
3.5 years, including one summer semester, 240 credits, including 30 credits of placement.

For further information please contact:
Degree Programme Manager Mr. Jukka Nisonen
tel. +358 40 594 6556
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology Curriculum Structure (pdf)

Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology prepares students for international mechanical engineering careers, especially in the fields of machine and automation design, production planning, research and development.

Graduates from this programme may work as technological experts, managers, designers, developers and sales engineers in metal and forest industries, automation and information technology.

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences is an active partner in the forest cluster and metal industry. We produce experts to fit the requirements of the local and global industry, as well as business life.

Our undergraduates learn how to design, develop and manufacture products and mechatronics equipment, design and dimension machine elements, develop modern automation, control and information systems, act as project managers or leaders of individuals and larger teams, communicate, work and negotiate with people having a different cultural and linguistic background.

Our graduates have an international Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, extensive technological and practical skills in mechanical engineering and automation systems, experience in international cooperation as well as finding and processing specialist information, established relations and become networked, a good command of languages.

The students of the international groups come from different parts of the world. Lectures, exercises, team and laboratory works are an essential part of the learning process. To facilitate adaptation to the new learning environment and processes, we will have a consultation with every student about his or her orientation, on the basis of which we make each student a personalised curriculum.

After students have passed the certain number of credits, they have a possibility to take a student exchange in some of our partner universities abroad. During this period they can complete a double degree. They also have the opportunity to practise in new working environments and establish contacts.

Non-EU/EEA students are subject to tuition fees. The annual tuition fee for students in Bachelor´s degree programmes is 5 400 e/year. Applying for the 50 % scholarship is possible after the first academic year. To be able to use the given option, you must be able to study full time during the first academic year - meaning, that you must complete a minimum of 55 ECTS credits of studies that are included in your personal study plan.

High-quality education

Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology is quality accredited and has the international quality label EUR-ACE. The label is valid until April 2022.


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