Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences will deepen their cooperation with the purpose of establishing a corporate group, the LUT Group, as of 1 January 2018. The aim of the corporate group is to create an appealing, versatile higher education cluster of a high national and international level, profiting from the education and research expertise on the campus.

The higher education institutions will investigate what arrangements are required for the establishment of a corporate group and matters involving the corporate form and ownership. In practice, the group would combine the administration and support services of both higher education institutions. In addition, the institutions will look into how teaching, administration, support service and facility resources could be used more efficiently.

Education and research will be carried out in LUT Schools and the equivalent-level Saimia College. Internationally, colleges may be constituent parts of a university. LUT will continue to conduct scientific research and provide academic education. The university of applied sciences will carry out applied research and offer its own Bachelor’s degrees. Both institutions will still produce degrees which they are legally entitled to produce.

“We are building our future based on this dual model. We find ourselves in a situation where it is better actively to devise a shared future instead of waiting for actors from outside to make decisions for us,” states Tuomo Rönkkö, Chairman of the LUT Board.

”Incorporating Saimaa University of Applied Sciences into the LUT Group is a natural continuation to the courses of action we have already taken to strengthened our higher education cluster. Saimia College as a part of LUT will reinforce the position of the university of applied sciences in our region,” explains Tuomas Telkkä, Chairman of the Saimia Board.

The integration of LUT and Saimia will strengthen the appealing Skinnarila campus, bringing new life and business to the area, enabling intelligent multidisciplinarity, expanding the range of studies offered to students, and increasing the efficiency of operations.

Moreover, the higher education institutions will launch a joint summer school offering summer courses to degree students. The summer school will also provide international students the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the range of studies on the Skinnarila campus.

Nationally, LUT and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences have paved the way in developing collaboration between higher education institutions. The Academic Library and Kampusravintolat restaurant services are joint ventures. In addition, the co-owned Green Campus Innovations currently develops start-up business activities based on all expertise available on the campus. Furthermore, the institutions have collaborated in the areas of information services and technology, and health and well-being services.

Further information:

Tuomo Rönkkö, Chairman of the LUT Board, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +358 50 387 6120

Tuomas Telkkä, Chairman of the Board of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, +358 50 372 3397

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