Text and picture: Jonna Mielonen-Jumisko

Vera Khobotova started her business studies at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in 2013.

There were many reasons why she chose Saimaa UAS.

“I come from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and Saimaa UAS is the closest university to my home. It does not require having a school education completed by the time of application process. That was crucial for me because I wanted to start my studies immediately after school”, Vera says.

International education was Vera’s goal from the very first day.

“At the beginning I was thinking of doing an exchange in EDC Business School in Paris. Then I decided that a double-degree at Munich UAS would be a better option for me as I would be able to write my thesis in Munich and complete my studies there, receiving degrees from both Saimaa UAS and Munich UAS at the same time.”

Vera moved to Munich to finish the double degree in 2015. During her studies, she found a part-time job in the field of intellectual property management. Ever before that, she had worked for two big international companies in Saint Petersburg during the semester holidays.  After gathering work experience altogether around 1,5 years, she decided to dedicate her thesis to intellectual property management.

Vera enjoyed her stay in Munich that much decided to continue her studies there. In this autumn, she started the master’s degree studies in Munich Business School.

Vera has great memories from Saimaa UAS.

“Teachers were very intelligent, experienced and responsive. They always navigated us and helped us to make right choices. I am glad I studied there, because I acquired very good knowledge I daily apply today: I learned how to establish an own business, how to market different products and services, how to conduct business negotiations, and much more. I significantly improved my English and I found out my core interests and competences I know how I can better develop and improve”, she says.

«Looking back, I must admit that I never thought my life would change that dramatically. I am glad for all the challenges I confronted on my path. Through them I found out what I really want to do in my life. Since then I changed a lot, I acquired wonderful experiences and significantly extended my network connections», Vera concludes.

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