Ha Ta: “Our study group is very international, there are students from all over the world”

”My name is Ha Ta. I started my mechanical engineering studies at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences in September 2016, so this is my second year in Lappeenranta.

I’m very happy that I chose to come here. Or maybe you could say that Saimaa UAS chose me – this wasn’t my first choice, you see. The first choice was IT studies. That’s because I come from Vietnam and back there, most people think engineering is not fir girls. People told me to apply to IT instead of engineering and I did so. But I didn’t get in, instead I did get in to mechanical engineering. I think you could call it destiny, because now I can tell that mechanical engineering and Saimaa UAS suits me more than better.

I did my high school studies in Hanoi, which is a big city in Vietnam. You might think that it was a big culture shock for me to move in Lappeenranta but it really wasn’t. My childhood home is in the suburbs of Hanoi and it’s really not that different to compared to Lappeenranta. People in Lappeenranta speak really good English so it’s easy to communicate with them. And there were already a few other students from my home high school in Saimaa UAS when I came here and they were a big help at first. Since then I also have made many new friends.

Studying in Saimaa UAS is very practical we have many practical exercises and group works. I like it. Our study group is very international, there are students from all over the world. The lecturers are professionals and they help us with our studies and also with any other problems we might have.

I have about two and a half years left of my studies. Next year I’m going to go for an exchange in Germany. After the graduation, I’m planning to do master’s degree in Lappeenranta University of Technology, which is located in the same campus with Saimaa UAS. What I will do after that, I don’t know yet. At the moment, I think I don’t want move back in Vietnam but stay here in Lappeenranta. But we’ll see.”


Mariam Agiashvili: “Not only theory but also a lot of practical assignments”

“I’m Mariam Agiashvili, a 21-year-old International Business student from Georgia. This is my second year at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.

There were many reasons why I chose to do the bachelor’s degree at Saimaa UAS. First of all, I wanted to study abroad. Finland has a good reputation and high-qualified higher education so I chose Finland. I searched my options in internet and found Saimaa UAS. It looked interesting - great opportunities to go abroad for an exchange, for example. so I decided to apply and here I am.

I have studied at Saimaa UAS for a year and a half now. Studies have been what I expected them to be – not only theory but also a lot of practical assignments, learning by doing. I have already done one internship. In next autumn, I’m going to go for an exchange in Germany.

I’m graduating in two years. After the graduation, I want to work, probably in my home country.  I might also continue my studies and do the Master’s degree after I’ve gained some work experience. We’ll see.

I highly recommend Finland and Saimaa UAS. Lappeenranta is very peaceful and safe place to live, yet there are many events for students. Our university is very international, there are students from all over the world. We have great opportunities to go abroad and of course, the whole degree is international.

Lastly: Do not be afraid of cold weather. It is worth studying here."

Minh Le

Minh Le: “Teacher encourage students to improve their results”

“I am Minh Le, a tourism and hospitality management student in Saimaa UAS. I come from Vietnam. This is my third year in Saimaa UAS.

I had many reasons to choose Saimaa UAS.  One of them was that I had decided I wanted to study tourism and hospitality because that is what I want to do in life. I would have had a chance to go to a technology university in Vietnam but I wanted to do something else. I found European countries very attractive with many different cultures and there is a chance to talk English more than in my hometown.

I searched the possibilities in internet, found Saimaa UAS and thought the study program was interesting. I made some research and liked what I saw and decided to apply to Saimaa UAS only.

Back in 2015, higher education studies were free of charge in Finland. That was also one reason for me to apply. Nowadays there are tuition fees but there is also a scholarship scheme that can cover the fees 100 % in my university.

I moved to Finland in August 2015. It wasn’t easy at the beginning. I had never travelled outside Vietnam before. Everything was different – food, weather, everything. Suddenly, I had to learn to take care of myself. It took about three months and then it got easier. I feel I’ve grown up a lot since then.

In Finland and in Saimaa UAS, teacher encourage students to improve their results. We don’t focus on the competition among each other. Here you can freely choose which skills to improve and let yourself grow from your inner part. In my opinion, Finland is a good place to live. People are happy and everything in society works well.

I’m going to graduate in a year. If I get a good job offer from Vietnam I might just take it, but I could live and work in Europe as well. It’s all open.”

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