Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) organize Summer School together for the first time.

The school takes place 16 July – 10 August 2018 at the Skinnarila Campus, Lappeenranta, and offers courses in technology, business and languages. The academic programme of the summer school was designed together with the teaching staff at LUT and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.

140 students have signed up for the courses; 45 from abroad and the rest from Finnish and international programmes at LUT, Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lahti University of Applied Sciences.

The summer school has attracted international students from Belgium, Russia, the US, Germany, Switzerland, China, India, Denmark, Italy, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and Spain. They stay for 1–4 weeks.


Eileen Künstler, from Munich, Germany, studies in Lappeenranta for four weeks. In short, she participates in Summer School to gather some intercultural competence. She chose LUT Summer School, because the courses and schedules met her needs.

“I also looked info about other summer schools, and there was one in Shanghai, but it was only about learning Chinese.”

In Munich, Eileen studies Technical Writing. Here she is taking courses in Mobile Marketing, Supervisory Control, Intercultural Communication and Finnish language. She is happy with her studies; the lecturers have been competent and courses interesting.

“In mobile marketing, we had to develop our own strategy for our own project. It was really fun, and I had a really good group with students from Russia and Vietnam, and I’m really proud of our outcome.”

The course in Finnish language has also been useful.

“I can’t speak Finnish at all, but when I go to a kioski, I can read the ingredients!”

Eileen finds Northern Europe and LUT Summer Schools’ cultural program interesting. After the lectures, summer school students may participate in leisure activities: sauna evenings, excursions, dinners, a cruise on the lake Saimaa and a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. When asking about highlights, Eileen lists sauna, barbeque and swimming.

“I would recommend the Summer School to other students of my major, but also for other students from my university, and students, who are studying something with economics or technology. It’s fun, you meet a lot of new people and you can improve your English. You can try something new – it’s not all about credits.”

LUT Summer School

Photos: Zhou Zhe Jiang and Ilona Pesu

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