Oscar Moradi, Bachelor of Engineering from SAIMIA, was at the right place at the right time: he was going to ask tips on Finnish job sites, but got a job instead.

Oscar Moradi works as a Mechanical Engineering Manager at Finnos, a log X-ray system manufacturer in Lappeenranta, Finland. His career started in February 2016, right after graduation.

“I went to capoeira, and Jere Heikkinen (Finnos’ CEO) was also there. I knew him not as a friend, but as someone I had briefly met. I asked Jere if he could give me some tips how to find a job in Finland”, Moradi says.

Instead of getting tips, he was invited to a job interview.

Now Moradi runs the design and installation team at Finnos, and designs new products. Finnos produces systems that offer accurate, comprehensive data on log quality from sorting. Moradi’s job includes e.g. taking care of orders and workflow.

At his workplace, Moradi appreciates the young mentality. The company is quite young and has many young employees from all over the world.

“I also like the fact that Finnos is not too big. There are around 30 employees, so I know Mari Varpenius as Mari – she is not just someone who works at the office”, Moradi demonstrates. Varpenius, who works as a CEO assistant, is SAIMIA alumna as well. She studied business in Finnish-taught Bachelor’s programme.

When Oscar Moradi looks back to his studies at SAIMIA, he appreciates the practical and individual way of teaching. He studied in the Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology.

Besides working, Moradi is finishing his Master’s degree studies at the LUT University, which is situated next to SAIMIA at the Skinnarila campus.

“UAS teaches the basics but not too many details. That is why we need both universities and universities of applied sciences”, Moradi explains.

In his current manager position, he has also hired a few engineers who have graduated from SAIMIA and LUT.

“My way of hiring is that I always ask the teachers if they have some good, hard-working students.”

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