When Katja Kapanen started her master studies at the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences her main goal was to learn English and business. The International Business Management (IBM) program was an excellence choice to do that.

“Studies are easy to complete while working. They suited well also for me even though I have family and children”, Kapanen says.

She enjoyed studying IBM. Courses were practical and Kapanen liked that.

“After two days at the campus we had to apply the theory we learnt in practice. I believe that this kind of method gave me ability to expand my thinking and taught me to solve problems in practice.”

Kapanen graduated in due time and wanted to continue studies. The scholarship she got from Saimaa UAS encouraged her even more.

Now Kapanen does her doctoral studies at the University of Westminster, London, UK. She’s doing her doctoral thesis about privatization of airports.

The next couple of years she’s going to spend studying and working.

“My goal is to become an internationally known aviation professional.”

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