Text and photo: Jonna Mielonen-Jumisko

Hendrik Wistuba is a happy man. He studies international business in Saimaa UAS and has just found out about the 2000 euro scholarship he’s received from Finnish trade organization Fintra.

Wistuba is writing his thesis “Maturity of German Accounting Actors in SaaS and their Readiness for Automated Integrations” to a Finnish softwear company Flashnode. The study aims to assess the readiness of German accounting companies and software developers from the Software as a Service (SaaS) point of view.

The subject of the study was chosen according to Wistuba’s interstests.

“I'm interested in accounting, finance and emerging technologies. So, I asked Senior Lecturer Jukka Sirkiä what issues the accounting and financial sector is facing which is involving modern IT. Jukka remembered his business contacts and in this way the cooperation was created.”

The goal of the study is to support and help the company to expand abroad. According to Fintra, Wistuba will succeed in that.

Wistuba is happy about the scholarship.

“I didn’t expect this. The support Jukka Sirkiä and Tomi Räsänen from Flashnode gave me was amazing.”

Wistuba’s home university is Anhalt UAS in Germany. He wanted to do a double degree and decided to come to Lappeenranta.

In Saimaa UAS he has had a chance to apply the theory he learned in Germany.

“Teaching has been very practical and the relations between students, teachers and local entrepreneurs are close. I’m very happy I decided to come to Lappeenranta.”

During the summer he will move back to Germany. Future plans are open.

“I’d like to have a career outside Germany. Where exactly, I don’t know yet.”

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