• Log into the eParking application using HAKA-login (personnel and students)
  • Guests can use P1 and P9 guest places (yellow areas in the map) for short-term parking free of charge by following the instructions on the traffic signs
  • Free of charge parking for students and personnel is available in P4 and P8 (green areas in the map i.e. areas without heating poles) and also in P4 heating pole parking excluding November 1st – March 31st, when heating pole parking in P4 requires a permit
  • You can look for available parking by logging in at www.eparking.fi using HAKA-login. Students can reserve parking from areas P1, P4, P5 and P8. You can only park to the parking area from which you have reserved a place i.e. parking permit does not allow you to park in other areas. You will receive a notification to your e-mail approx. one week before the permit is due to expire
  • If you have multiple vehicles, you can input them all to eParking but it is important that you have chosen the vehicle you are parking as active. You can make the choice by using the eParking application via a browser or mobile app. Please note that the parking permit allows you to park only one vehicle (which you have chosen to be active) at a time
  • Parking permits are controlled daily. If you park to an area you think is free of charge, remember to check the traffic signs
  • You can download the eParking app to your mobile device by logging in with HAKA login at www.eparking.fi and choose the appropriate app shop


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