The following rules and instructions apply to exams delivered in the Exam electronic examination system.

The code of conduct of an electronic exam

  • The supervision of the exam is assured by cameras, your magnetic key, your personal log-in and random checks. In addition, the exam room has a recording camera surveillance that captures also sound. Registering to the electronic exam signifies the approval of the camera surveillance.
  • Open the exam room door always with your own magnetic key.
  • You are not allowed to move around in the room without a reason, and you may leave the room only once, when having returned your exam.
  • Silence is required in the exam room.
  • Do not bring anything with you to the exam room, except your magnetic key and the locker key.

Registration for the exam

  • The electronic exam system is called "Exam". You are able to register, when your teacher has shared the exam link with you.
  • During your first registration, you must accept The Code of Conduct of an Electronic Exam.
  • When you have registered, choose the suitable location for your exam. All workstations are located at LUT 7th building, room 7443
  • Pick a date and time for your exam in the calendar. The exams start always on the hour.
  • You will receive, via e-mail, a confirmation which includes your exam date, time and the number of your specific computer.
  • You can delete or change your registration before the exam starts, if needed. However, do this as soon as possible to make it available for others.

Arriving in the electronic exam

Check the number of your exam computer before arriving.

Please note that examinations call for absolute silence. Even if your exam time has not started yet, someone else’s exam may be in progress. Remember that exiting and re-entering the examination room in the middle of an exam is not allowed.

Access control

Saimaa UAS students:
Use your personal magnetic key to enter the exam room. You can get the key from SAIKO's office. The deposit for the key is 20€ in cash. More information:

LUT students:
Use your personal magnetic key to enter the exam room. If you haven’t used your magnetic key for a while, check that it is still in use by contacting the university portiers (rooms 6326, 6327 or 6328 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). After office hours call the number: 040 5905669.

Act accordingly:

  1. Leave you overcoat and other belongings to the lockers outside the exam room
    • Storing with your own responsibility
  2. Take only the locker key and the magnetic key with you in to the exam room
    • You are not allowed to use calculators, programmable calculators, any electronic devices, dictionaries, literature or any other material in the exam.
    • Snacks, water bottle, scrap paper or pens/pencils are not allowed either
  3. Open the door to the exam room with your personal magnetic key
    • Use your personal magnetic key even if someone else opens the door.
    • The information from the entrance and exit logs is used with the information from the Exam system and video surveillance to secure your identification.
  4. Find the right computer. The information is in the confirmation email you received after booking the time slot. The numbers are clearly marked on the computers.
    • e.g. the notion EXAM007 in email message refers to computer number 7 in the exam room
    • If you log in the wrong computer, it will tell you which computer you should log in to.
      Thus you can check the number of the right computer by logging in any of the computers in the exam room.
  5. Leave the locker key in the rack on the wall of the workstation where you are taking the exam.
    • There can be no items on the table during the exam – not even the key
  6. Start the exam
    • Read the instructions: Completing an electronic exam
    • Exams start at hundred hours and finish at five to
    • Be on time, but not too early, to cause as little interruption as possible
    • Examination time starts to run from the start of your booking time.
    • Remember to save the exam before closing the browser.

In case of a problem

  • In case of an error or a problem due to technical or other reasons, act regarding the instructions In case of a problem. The instructions can also be found on the exam computers as well as at the lockers outside the exam room.

Special needs

  • If you have special needs concerning electronic exams, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before registering for the exam.
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