“My name is Viktor Lagern, and I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Before I started to study in the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences I had lived couple of years in Lappeenranta. One day I got a letter where I was asked to apply for higher degree studies in Finland. As I lived in Lappeenranta, I decided to apply for Saimaa UAS. I was interested in applying for mechanical engineering and production technology. I found this degree interesting and suitable for me and thought the degree could open various career opportunities.

I was happy and ready for new challenges in my life. I started my studies in September 2011.

From the first day, I liked the atmosphere of university. Tutors were showing students how to get into study life and helped to solve problems. Many lectures were provided to explain the study system of the university. A big advantage was, that in Saimaa you could find various of sport activities, hobbies and events. I liked the way how the lecturers gave the study material for students, using modern computer programs, making presentations and organizing practical or laboratory work. Lecturers of Saimaa UAS are always open-minded and ready to help the students. Above all, I think that studying with foreign students gives a lot of advantages and useful communication experience. It is great feeling to have friends from China, Brazil, Germany, Vietnam, Poland and many other countries and always be able to contact or visit them.

After the studies, I feel like there is no borders between countries and nations and I can find a common language with people in any place on the earth. Thereby it is very important for modern students to go for exchange study or to make double degree in other country. Luckily, today many universities offer various exchange programmes for students. As a part of the studies, my class went for double degree program to Germany in Fachhochschule Schmalkalden. For two semesters my groupmates and me lived and studied in Schmalkaden, which is a partner University of Saimia. This was one of best study periods. During this time, I met many new interesting people from all over the world, got familiar with German study system and traveled around with friends. This time was very important for me and left good memories in my soul.

I was making my diploma work in one research and developing company in Schmalkalden, which is focus on developing new measurement techniques. There I got used to German working system and met engineer specialists, who shore their experiences with me.

I graduated in 2014 and got two diplomas from Saimaa UAS and FH Schmalkalden. The diplomas gave me wider opportunities to find a working place since the mechanical engineers with German diploma are well welcomed in engineering companies.  Many of my group mates started their careers in Germany after graduation. Some of them continued to study Master Degree there.

I decided to try to find a working place in Finland, in a country where technology os also developed on a high level.. After couple of months, I found one company in Lappeenranta area, which is focused on CNC machining and metal processing.  Now I have worked there almost two years. In my work I deal with programming of CNC machining and robotics.

In 2016 I applied to study Master Degree in LUT (Lappeenranta Univeristy of Technology) and after the interview I was admitted to study Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering.

Being a student of Saimaa UAS gave me a chance to find new friends, to study abroad and to visit new countries. It gave me a possibility to find a working place to get a lot of practical experience in my professional field and finally based on my diploma I can continue to study Master program. Overall, I can say that degrees in Saimaa UAS give students a good basis to start their working life and improve their knowledge.

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