SAMOK-Student Card

The SAMOK student card is the membership card for the local branch of the student union organization. As such, the individual students join their own branch of SAMOK, which is a member of SAMOK. The card is not a membership card for SAMOK in general, but only for that local division. The card enables the student to enjoy a variety of services and benefits. More information about this may be found in Finnish at:

The student card gives you the right to discounts at some businesses, museums, theatres, swimming or other sports halls, and any place that sells tickets at student prices. It is always wise to ask about student discounts!

Yearly Sticker
The student card is valid only when a sticker for the current study year is visible. The yearly stickers are available for a fee from the student union organization.

Meal subsidy programme for university and polytechnic students

University and polytechnic students are entitled to reduced price meals in university cafeterias which are part of the meal subsidy system. Students showing a valid student card or a KELA meal subsidy card are eligible for a meal subsidy. If you do not have a student card and you are entitled to a meal subsidy, the university of applied sciences will grant you a KELA meal subsidy card. Students pursuing a Bachelor or Master-level degree in a university or polytechnic and students participating in vocational or specialisation training for which student financial aid is available are entitled to meal subsidies.

The student card granted by the national board of education

You can get your student card from the Student Affairs Office of your unit. The card is free of charge, but you must bring along a passport photo. 

State Railways (VR)

Students receive a 50% discount for train fares from the VR railroad system with the issuance of a student VR card. Students may contact the student office for more information about this benefit.

Students qualify for VR cards when:

  • They carry out full-time studies for which they are not paid, and they are not employed permanently;
  • They are pursuing a basic degree and have not completed a Master’s degree.
  • The duration of the studies is at least 8 successive months.
  • The educational establishment in question is supervised by the State.
  • The education in question is not an apprenticeship, labour market training or in-service training.

National long-distance coach service (MATKAHUOLTO)

Students are entitled to fare discounts on national long-distance coaches, provided that

  • their studies last at least 8 months;
  • they study full-time, and
  • they are not paid for their studies.

The student discount is 50% off the price of a one-way ticket. The length of the one-way trip must be 60 km or more. To obtain the discount, you must show a “Matkahuolto” student card or a student card carrying the “Matkahuolto” logo.

Students may also obtain a combination card for train and bus travel from the "Matkahuolto" sales offices or from the train stations. A passport picture and proof of study are required in order to apply for all the discount cards.

City card

The City of Lappeenranta gives a 25% discount on the “city card” for students studying in Lappeenranta after their basic education. The student office of their school will handle the details. This discount is subject to change in the future.

Additional information can be obtained from the Student Affairs Offices of the University of Applied Sciences’s Lappeenranta unit or from the web address >link Palvelut > link Joukkoliikenne -> link Matkaliput ja hinnat (in Finnish only).

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