International Activities

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International Relations:

Mr. Janne Hokkanen, International Relations

International Services:

Ms. Hanna-Kaisa Parikka, Service Manager
Ms. Maarit Astikainen, Secretary, International Services
Ms. Alexandra Karaseva, Assistant, International Services
Ms. Jaana Toivola, Assistant in Russian Relations

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Internationalizing your studies

Saimaa UAS attracts many foreign degree seeking and exchange students who give an international atmosphere for your studies. This way you can practice your language skills, get to know different cultures and make friendships from all over the world even before you set off for your exchange.

The exchange programs and agreements made with foreign partner universities give you an opportunity to complete part of your studies abroad. Saimaa UAS takes part in the international student exchange programs (Erasmus, FIRST, Nordplus) and in addition to these, UAS has mutual agreements with dozens of universities from all over the world. You can choose your exchange destination from Europe, Russia or Asia for example.

Your exchange period will give assets for your future career and you will get to know a new language and culture. All this can be a real starter kick for your career!

International cooperation

International activities are considered to be an essential development area at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. The range of foreign partners is wide and well-established. Saimaa UAS co-operates with different universities from Russia, Asian countries and Europe in the fields of student, teacher and trainee exchange and different kinds of joint development projects. The strategic and the most important partners are located in Germany, Russia and Great Britain.

Saimaa UAS offers its’ expertise for foreign partners universities by sending teachers for short teacher exchanges. We also welcome teachers from our partner universities for teacher exchange in all five fields.

In addition to student, teacher and placement exchanges UAS carries out different development projects with foreign partner universities. International research, development and innovation projects are one of the big challenges for us in the future.

Exchange studies

Saimaa UAS has a wide partner network around the world. The up-to-date list of the partner institutions can be found from Valtteri-site to which you can find the logging in credentials from Moodle course Go Abroad. From the Go Abroad course you can also find loads of useful information regarding exchange studies.  More information you can ask from the international coordinator of your faculty or from the international services of Saimaa UAS.

Student exchange is subject to an open application procedure twice a year. Application instructions are available from the faculties’ international coordinators and from the International Services of the UAS. Students can also independently arrange a student place abroad for themselves. Students who are planning to spend an exchange period abroad should agree on their studies with their degree programme manager in advance.

The selections are made during the previous academic year of the planned exchange. In order to be selected you should have at least one year of studies completed and have a good study performance. Studies carried out in foreign languages in Finland and acting as a tutor for foreign students are considered as assets in the selection procedure. The length of your exchange is either 1 or 2 semesters.

Placement abroad

Students can do their practical placement also abroad. International services and the faculty’s international coordinator will assist students regarding placement issues. From the Go Abroad Moodle course students can also find further information regarding placements. Students can find from there the full list of placement offers which are sent to international services.

Financing studies abroad

Students whose placement or exchange studies last min. 3 months will receive financial support from Saimaa UAS for completing their studies abroad. The support can be Erasmus, FIRST, Nordplus or Saimaa UAS own funding. In addition to this, students are encouraged to apply for funding from private foundations. However, students should be prepared to carry of the costs of their stay abroad themselves too. More details about the funding criteria can be found from Valtteri.

Foreign students

Some of the courses included in the UAS's curricula are given in English to increase the reciprocity of exchange activities. Dozens of foreign students coming from our partner institutions from all parts of the world study in the different faculties of Saimaa University of Applied Sciences each year.

International student card ISIC

More information about getting your personal ISIC card can be found from Kilroy-site.

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