Moodle Notice Board of the Language Centre

On the Language Centre Noticeboard on Moodle (NB. SAIMIA Moodle), you can see the latest news, e.g. if a language teacher gets ill or has any other messages to you. After you enroll in the notice board, you get the messages to your email.

Language courses

On SoleOps at “Language Studies” you find the compulsory and optional language courses for LUT students. General information is found on the main site of “Language Studies”. You do not have to log in to use SoleOps (the curriculum programme).

When you want to know which language course meets your proficiency level requirements, please see the list of the courses and their proficiency levels (pdf).

The details of the language courses, i.e. contents, teaching arrangements and implementation periods are on SoleOps at “Group´s curriculum”. Check that you have selected the right academic year. Language courses in the spring 2020 will be published only in September 2019.

Video: How do I find information on language courses?

If you want to show language skills acquired informally outside university, fill in the form and send it to the Student Office at LUT. The office will process your application and a language teacher will contact you by email.


Timetables are on TimeEdit:

Shortcuts to timetables: Chinese English Finnish (as a second language) | FrenchGerman | Russian | Spanish | Swedish

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For further information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enrolment for language courses

Please, enrol for the 1th period courses 15 April – 3 September 2019 and for the 2nd period courses 15 April- 21 October 2019.
For the 3rd period 1 December 2019 – 8 January 2020 and for the 4th period 1 December 2019 – 21 February 2020.

Enrol for the language courses on Log in with your own LUT credentials via the Haka system.

Video: How do I enroll for the language courses?

Late enrolment for language courses and removal of students from the course

You can enrol late or ask the language teacher to remove you from the course by sending an email to your teacher. Please include first name, last name, student ID number, degree programme and university email address. In addition, please, add the course name and its execution number, e.g. 19002. The teacher accepts your enrolment if there is room in the course.

Number of students in the group

The minimum number of students in language course groups is 15. If there are less students, the group could be cancelled. The maximum number of students is 30, and in addition there are standby positions.

The students to whom the course is compulsory are taken to the course first. After that the students are accepted according to the time of registration.

Full courses can be closed before the last registration date.

Open Studies

If you are an open university student, please register through the open studies system.


Language courses are on Saimia Moodle ( under Language Centre.

In Saimia Moodle you need to self-register for the courses. The teacher will send/give you the registration key. After the registration you will find the course on your My courses menu.

How do I find a language course at Saimia Moodle?

  1. Go to and change the language to English
  2. Log in with your own credentials (via the Haka system)
  3. Find the course you attend to in the Language Centre category or use the Search Courses field.
  4. Click the name of the course (check the information on the course code given to you by the teacher)
  5. Join in by self-registration. Use the key sent to you by the teacher.


Arrangements of written language exams

If there is a written exam at the end of the course, the teacher usually gives it during the last lessons of the course. However, if you cannot take the exam at that time, by enroling for the resit exam you can take the exam in the Saimaa auditorium.

Resit exams

Please, enroll for resit exams by Noodi.

The timetable for resits is as follows:

13.9.2019, at 16–19

20.9.2019, at 16–19

11.10.2019, at 16–19

8.11.2019, at 16–19

22.11.2019, at 16–19

2.12.2019, at 16–19

13.12.2019, at 16–19

17.1.2020, at 16–19

24.1.2020, at 16–19

14.2.2020, at 16–19

13.3.2020, at 16–19

20.3.2020, at 16–19

3.4.2020, at 16–19

17.4.2020, at 16–19

4.5.2020, at 16–19

5.5.2020, at 16–19

7.5.2020, at 16–19

11.5.2020, at 16–19

12.5.2020, at 16–19

14.5.2020, at 16–19

18.5.2020, at 9–12

1.6.2020, at 9–12

The exams are arranged in the Saimaa UAS auditorium.

Language course feedback

Your feedback develops the quality of courses, please use your right to give constructive feedback.

Please, give language course feedback on

The feedback link is also on Moodle.

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