The bachelor’s thesis for the UAS degree is a broad course of study for the preparation of the students in planning and researching areas for development, and working as an expert in their field of study. The extent of study for the bachelor’s thesis is 15 credit points. The scope of the thesis in the degree programme in Construction Management is 10 credits.

The goals of the master's degree programmes are to develop and demonstrate the student’s ability to apply research to practice, to solve problems in the workplace, and to be experts in the field. The extent of study for the master's thesis is 30 credit points.

The thesis is based on a subject agreed upon by the teacher and student. The degree programe manager or various degree programme managers together must approve the subject. The thesis may be done alone or in groups of students, but if done in a group, each group member must be able to demonstrate their own contribution to the whole for evaluation.

A report of the bachelor’s thesis must be submitted in accordance with the rules governing the study plan which the student stores in the Theseus online library and specifies access rights to his or her thesis when storing the thesis.

The Bachelor’s thesis is done according to established guidelines and includes a written report.

Client Company Thesis Guide

Thesis proof-reading and graduation, academic year 2018-2019

Thesis in English, Proof-readers 2019

Saimaa UAS Thesis process


Students train to work systematically and solve problems independently when planning and carrying out a long-term project. They also develop a deeper understanding of the field in which they are majoring and learn to acquire, analyse and apply various information and skills in a key area of expertise of their field of study. Students learn to justify the decisions they have made and evaluate the information produced by others as well as apply it in the development of their field of expertise. The thesis process provides students with the skills that are needed when evaluating and developing the practices in their field of expertise.


Choosing a topic that is relevant to the field of specialisation in question; setting the objectives; planning the thesis process and methods; carrying out the planning or development project; making reliable conclusions and suggestions for practical development work; documentation and evaluation of the thesis process, evaluation methods and acting as an opponent.

Teaching arrangements

The Bachelor’s thesis is covered in different courses in different fields. Detailed instructions are provided by the fields. Tuition includes group and/or individual tutoring, independent work and seminars.

Assessment criteria

Active participation in seminars (excluding the Degree Programme in Information Technology, where thesis seminars are not held); reporting during the thesis process; acting as an opponent, if required; a Bachelor’s thesis is documented and evaluated according to official instructions.


The timing of the Bachelor’s thesis process varies. Usually most of the work is done towards the end of the studies as part of advanced studies; however, the process can start earlier.


Saimaa UAS thesis report guidelines (docx).

Download the guidelines and write your thesis report on it.

Also see the Theseus instructions on how to save your thesis to the Theseus repository (Lappeenranta Academic Library's web pages).

The deans of the schools may give more specific instructions regarding the bachelor’s thesis.


Thesis evaluation criteria

Maturity test

The UAS degree requirements include a maturity test in which the students must demonstrate their acquaintance with the profession and their linguistic eloquence in Finnish or Swedish. For students of study programmes that are delivered in English, English may be used as the language in the maturity test in cases where the student has received basic education in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, or has received basic education abroad.

Bachelor’s degree maturity test writing instructions

Master's degree maturity test writing instructions (press release)

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