Studying at Saimaa UAS

Practical information related to studying at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences has been gathered and placed on these web pages. This information is also available from the Student Services.


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The site traffic on the emergency route between LUT and the university of applied sciences will increase when the construction of the north end begins.

Now it is more important than ever to minimise other traffic along the route. Use it only when necessary, and follow the signs (walk on the university of applied sciences side, cross along the crossing indicated).

The opening ceremony for the academic year takes place on Wednesday, 14 September at 14.00.

Students and teachers may sit in free chairs and follow the ceremony from the other floors. After the ceremony, there will be a coffee service for guests, students and staff members in the hall of Skinnarila Campus.

Busses will take students from Linnala Campus to Skinnarila. The busses leave from Linnala at 13.00 and go back after the ceremony and coffee service (not earlier than 15.20). The bus hosts take care that everyone will be on the bus before it leaves.

See the programme here.


A new classroom (A1031) and a room for a quiet work can be found in the gym. There is also a new classroom in Technopolis (Y008).

Entering the construction site is forbidden. See the routes in the map. Click here for the larger image.



The restaurants of the Linnala and Skinnarila Campuses are starting their autumn semester. Attached you can find the opening hours of the restaurants. Kela supports student lunches with EUR 1.94 per lunch. You get the benefit by showing your student card.


Restaurant Linnala

From 31 August: Mon - Thu 8 - 14.30, Fri 8 - 14

Lunch 10.30 - 13



Restaurant Skinnarila

until 2 September: 7.45 – 15, lunch 10.30 – 14.30

from 5 September: 7.45 – 18, lunch 10.30 – 17.30

6-vaihe Cafe

8 – 14.30, luch 10.30 – 13.30 (only salad and soup)

Cafe Sky

from 29 August: 9 – 15.30, lunch 10.30 – 13.30 (only salad and soup)

The menus of Restaurant Skinnarila, 6-vaihe Cafe and Cafe Sky

Restaurant Laseri, Technopolis

7.45 – 16 (lunch 10.30 – 14)

Lunch starting 5 August: Mon - Thu 10.30 -16, Fri 10.30 – 15

Restaurant of the Student Union Building

15-26 August: 7.45 - 14 (lunch 10.30 - 14)

29 August - 4 September: Mon - Fri 7.45 - 15 (lunch 10.30 - 14.30), Sat 11 - 15, Sun 12 - 15

From 5 September: Mon - Fri 7.45 - 18 (lunch 10.30 - 17.30), Sat 11 - 15, Sun 12 – 15

Menus (in Finnish)

From 1 August 2016 enrolment for the exams takes place in SoleOps. The exam days of the courses are available in SoleOps.

You will find instructions on how to enroll for the exam retakes under Exams on the Student pages.

The renovation of the main building of LUT begins in Skinnarila Campus in April 2016. It will close the connecting corridor between LUT and Saimia in the end of March. The facilities of the Saimaa UAS in the first building will be vacated by March 31st.

The renovation will affect everyday activities on campus in many ways. The LUT's cafeteria in the main building will close on 24 March 2016, and Sky Bar and the café in building 6 will close already on 18 March 2016.

The contractor will occupy the rows closest to the building in parking area P1 in front of LUT. Parking area P3 will also be reserved for the construction site.

All information considering the renovation can be found in Saimaa UAS intranet:

To log in, use yout -email address.

elcome to the survey on using e-books! This survey is used by higher education libraries to collect students’ experiences of using e-books in their studies. The feedback collected through this survey will be used to further develop the accessibility and usability of the e-books you need in your studies, so your opinion is very important to us! The survey form will be online until 31 May 2016.

Thank you for participating!

The survey form:

Did you take part in DuuniDay? In order to further develop the event, please give your feedback here by Monday 22. Thank you!

DuuniDay recruiting event in Tuesday on 26 January in LUT and Saimaa UAS.



DuuniDay stand L36

Come and try how we you could manage a job interview in foreign language!

Come to the stand L36 at DuuniDay the and try how well you could manage a job interview. We will interview you:
- in English at 10-14
- in Spanish at 9-10 & 14-15
- in French at 11-12

- in Swedish at 10-11
- in German at 9-11 & 14-15
- in Finnish ( as a foreign language) at 12-15
- in Russian at 10-14

You will get with you a short assessment of how you managed the interview. See you at our stand!


How to find a Job for Summer

The Finnish Business School Graduates offer a Skype group coaching session for its members on 4 February. Please note, that the enrollments should be done by 28 January.

Further information:

Tell your friends what is it like to study in Saimaa UAS! Join the Fabulous Finland event on Friday, 15 January from 13.00  to 15.00 in the afternoon.

Do this: Share pictures, stories, videos etc. about Saimaa UAS and Finland in social media. Tag you posts: #Saimia #mysaimia #ownDegreeProgramme #finnips #studyinfinland # studyinfo #applynow #whyfinland

Why? Share your story and your Finnish experience to others! The application period to Bachelor’s Degree Programmes taught in English is on right now. Why not encourage people to apply to your UAS and degree programme? Last but not least, why not show to other UASs that yours is the best?! Let’s see from which UAS we get the greatest number of posts on the social media screen!

Fabulous Finland takes place in social media and in several Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences at the same time. The event is organized by FINNIPS, which is a cooperation network of 20 Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The main task of the network is to arrange entrance examinations to the UASs’ English-taught degree programmes in countries outside Finland. See more information at the website