Lappeenranta, Finland


Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Duration and extent of studies:
2.5 years, 90 credits, including 30 credits from thesis

For further information please contact:
Principal lecturer Ms. Minna Ikävalko
tel. +358 40 7215279
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International Business Management degree programme focuses on high-level know-how in international business, marketing and leadership skills. The curriculum is workplace-oriented and studies are organized in line with each student’s personal study plan.

The aim is that graduates will be able to manage processes related to international business and marketing, they know how to apply the principles of project management and develop a company’s strategic planning and implementation.

The Master’s degree studies are based on blended learning methods including both face-to-face sessions and independent e-learning online enabling flexibility for students. Contact sessions are organized on the Skinnarila campus, Lappeenranta.

The Master´s thesis is carried out as a development project related to actual issues and challenges in industry, commerce or individual companies. We encourage students to do their thesis related to their own working environment.

Graduates of the Master of Business Administration can work as project managers for companies’ development initiatives, planners and managers in international trade, independent entrepreneurs, etc.

To qualify for the degree, applicants must have Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science (Technology), Bachelor of Hospitality Management or a similar applied higher education degree, plus at least three years’ work experience after graduation. In case the Bachelor's degree is from some other field than business, the applicant should have as minimum 40 ECTS credits business studies.

Non-EU/EEA students are subject to tuition fees. The annual tuition fee for students in Master´s degree programme is 6 400 e/year. Applying for the 50 % scholarship is possible after the first academic year. To be able to use the given option, your studies must have progressed according to the studyplan.

Application period 20 March – 4 April 2019 – for more information please see

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