Travelling while studying abroad

This whole trip has reached its midpoint now, and I couldn't be happier even though there have been some difficult times, serious homesickness, and all kinds of struggles. Generally speaking most of the people I've met have been extremely helpful, and there haven't been any barriers that I couldn't cross.

I had a long talk with one of my dearest friends back home in Finland. She was curious about what kind of studying this is because it sounds like I'm travelling around quite a lot. For me travelling and exploring play a major role in this experience, but I do have to study also. I have to put in extra effort to finish my essays and stand in front of the class presenting in a language that is not native to me.

In the end I am glad that I'm pushed out of my comfort zone because that is where the real learning and growth happens.

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Even though the sceneries on campus are beautiful it is good to get off there from time to time


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I went alone to Manchester to spend a weekend among some shopping and live music. At my hostel I bumped into these guys who had met each other last semester in Finland while doing their Erasmus exchange - what a small world, what good friends!


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Edinburgh, Scotland


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Sharing a room with 29 other people wasn't bad, but ear plugs were necessary


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Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh - Totally worth the hike - Thank you Taylor for the amazing panorama picture



Edinburgh Castle and part of the group    


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Tourists in Glasgow, Scotland  


 20161031 194204

The beautiful streets of Glasgow


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The Necropolis, Glasgow


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University of Glasgow and Ashton Lane - Thank you Caelum for the photos


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Tourists in York, England


DSC 3244  DSC 3239  DSC 3229

Museum Gardens, York


DSC 3256  DSC 3279

DSC 3272

Clifford's Tower, York


DSC 3224  DSC 3222  DSC 3228

York Minster Cathedral


IMG 20161103 104142

Two of our teachers from Saimia visited us at Edge Hill - And brought us some sweets and chewing gum!


Be brave!




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