Sneak peek on my basic week in England

Here you go: something about my weekly routines studying abroad.

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I wake up around 7am and usually run (2 minutes) to get the train from Liverpool to Ormskirk. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Ormskirk, and then I have a 15 minute walk to the uni. My What is Social Work lectures start at 9.30 and will end latest at 4pm. After that I usually hang out on campus doing my homework and meeting friends. In the evening I have my fitness class in Orsmkirk and will be back home around 8pm. At this point I am more than ready to sleep.


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In the morning I travel half an hour from Ormskirk to Skelmersdale to visit Twinkle House. Twinkle House is a Charity providing free sensory-based 1:1 support for children and young people with disabilities and additional needs. They also hire the sensory facilities for the whole community - all ages and abilities. I have really enjoyed my visits there because I have never seen something like this. The atmosphere in Twinkle House is also one of a kind.


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I have my Social Work Theory and Methods lectures at the same time as Mondays. After the lectures I go to have a good run with a group; as a group, we share a common goal and it feels easier to achieve because it is less likely that I will give up when I have someone working toward the same goal.


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I don't have any lectures on Thursdays so usually I don't go to campus. Usually I start the day taking a long walk around Liverpool and then make my way to the library with my laptop. This is when I try to complete my homework and keep in touch with my friends back home.


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Weekends are for travelling, partying, exercising and wondering around the city.


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It has been raining quite a lot and the weather has been realy bad, but for some reason I don't have any pictures from those days..


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Friends living on campus..


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..and my place in Liverpool. Good options both.

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Keep it going, you're almost gone through the dark autumn!



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