Visit to Singapore Exchange

Good day to all reading this blog!

I have already mentioned once in one of the previous blogs, that my exchange in Singapore is rich in various kind of interesting events and cheerful celebrations. I never thought I would say this, but it has proved even more so recently, as there is something on the agenda every other day: career fairs, company open houses, corporate visits, city tours, tea ceremonies, International fairs and many more. All of them are interesting and in an own way engaging, so I will be telling about them in the coming blog articles, but there is one event that I absolutely can’t wait to share with you.

For you to understand why I am so excited, it is worth mentioning that have become interested in investment and finance shortly before my exchange commenced. Being slightly obsessed with it, I have taken several modules from this field for my exchange studies. Coming here to Singapore, I was dreaming of how awesome it would be to actually get to see the indoors of financial companies/institutions and to learn more about their operations from those occupied therein. Before long, I am receiving a newsletter from our local exchange coordinator with an invitation to the SGX (Singapore Exchange), I could hardly believe my eyes. My joy knew no bounds, and started to believe in miracles ever since. And it was not just a visit. It was a visit plus a step-by-step portfolio construction exercise by a field specialist, teaching how one can utilize the free SGX Stock Facts interface to make his/her stock selection. I simply could not desire more. I was looking forward to that visit, and it lived up to my highest expectations.


The SGX building stretches high up to the blue sky in the Central Business District of Singapore.


Minor part of our OSEP (Overseas Student Exchange Program) squad.


In the SGX building, it is not SGX alone, but CNBC news agency as well – how convenient it must be for stock traders! It was so cool to see the news studio in real life after you have been watching it on a TV for several weeks.

On the seminar, we were first briefly familiarized to the SGX operations and departments, which I found very interesting. The body of the lecture consisted of four parts. The speaker introduced an outline of Fundamental Analysis (FA) process for stock selection, giving later a more detailed differentiation for the Income and Growth stocks. It was then followed with indicators on when to buy/sell stocks.

Besides all of this, the lecturer shared his experience of the insider at the SGX, which is truly exciting, as the SGX ground has a lot of action involved. I also got to know that on the part of SGX, there is an Academy, which is a provider of investor education and professional training. I have already enrolled for several courses, and just can’t wait to attend them.

This visit to SGX was just an amazing experience: a perfect blend of exciting discoveries and educational benefit.

This is all for now.

I will be back shortly J


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