Lovely pastime on exchange in Singapore

Good day to all!

Prior to deciding to come here, I was doubting a bit whether overseas studies in general would be more beneficial than an alternative of having a practical placement in a company. These doubts occupied my thoughts not that the benefits of the former are questionable, but because I am a pragmatic person, and this hesitation was just another of an endless series of weighting of pros and cons of the two alternatives. I had the luxury of being able to think for myself, so I have decided that, while working life is inevitable to come sooner or later, study exchange opportunity is one of its kind, and can never come up again. Given those considerations, I took heart and decided to go. If you ever ask me how my exchange is going, I would say that I don’t regret for a single moment having come here to Singapore.

I refrain from saying more on how I enjoy it here, and will now proceed to the blog topic, in which I would like to share why my stay here is made so enjoyable.

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Shortly after study term commencement, OSEP students were invited for Director’s Tea Session.

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There was plenty of yummy food there…

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…and a very nice company to share it with!

Shortly after that, our friend from the United States invited us for a Thanksgiving celebration.

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and once again plenty of yummy food J

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and a great company to share it with!

Later on the exchange, OSEP students were invited for a trip to Marina Bay Sands hotel.

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Views from the top are spectacular!

Besides this, we had several visit to companies such as Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers, which gave a great insight into the companies’ operations. All in all, there are numerous events, celebrations and visits, which make exchange very interesting and exciting.

I am missing Russia and Finland quite a bit, but I derive much solace from the fact that I am very soon to come there, while Singapore is a place where I might never turn up again.

This is all for today :)

Have a nice day and see you soon!



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