It is Christmas Holiday!

Hello everyone!

Great day from Singapore! It is a great day indeed, as the weather here is just perfect – moderate humidity and heat with plenty of sunshine, giving you energy for a fulfilling day. The playful sun is flooding my flat with a warm light, inviting out for some new discoveries and adventures.

What is more important is that all favors such an adventure, as I have just finished all the intermediate examinations, and I no longer have to sacrifice such lovely days for studying. Just one more day of comparably relaxed lectures, and I am officially off for a three-week holiday rich in various kinds of events. Making this holiday more enjoyable is the feeling of content and knowing that I have given all of me for these exams.

Unlike the majority of OSEP (Overseas Student Exchange Program) students, I have decided to postpone travelling to a latter part of my exchange period, and instead stay in Singapore during the Christmas holidays, as the city and its festive agenda promise to be grandiose and memorable.

My stay here, therefore, will not be less exciting, as the ornaments of Christmas decorations start to unfold, adding up considerably to the cheerful mood. At a later part of my exchange, I will, of course, take the opportunity to travel the exotic neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

For now, I feel very much satisfied with my exchange in Singapore. It has been extremely fulfilling in all terms. In the coming weeks, I think it will become even more so, as I will be attending spectacular celebrations, tasting different cuisines, and getting to know the city even closer. Besides this, I have several educational events, which are of particular interest to me: half a dozen seminars at the Singapore Exchange, Singapore Customs Certification program, and several sports events.

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Photo from one of the SGX events.

Referring to the sports events: I got to attend a kickboxing seminar organized at NYP gym the other day. It was a useful experience indeed. I have refreshed striking techniques and learned some basics of front/low/medium kicks, as my leg doesn’t go higher than medium :D

Here is the photo from the kickboxing seminar.

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I am looking forward to more of such experiences.

This is all for today. Have a nice day and see you soon:)

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