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As you may remember I’m doing my exchange in Chile. Today my blog entry is about international fair that took place in Universidad de Chile. Apparently I presented Finland on this event and want to share my experience with youJ

On this international fair many nationalities were present: Germany, Dutch, Mexico, Americans, France, Netherlands, England, Spain, Sweden, Peru, Australia, Ireland, Italy and Holand. I didn’t present Finland myself but with other exchange students from Finland and one Chilean girl who has done her exchange in Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. In my group there were students from Aalto University and Jyväskylä University. So our task was to make an interesting stand about Finland and tell about our life in Finland and universities to Chileans and other foreigners. I think that we did great job with guys because we went to Finnish Embassy in Chile and asked some brochures and flyers as well as maps and books.

I came to international fair earlier to decorate our stand. We had plenty of various material about Finland and education there, so it wasn’t a big deal. Still I had to use some imagination to draw attention to our stand, especially because we had strong American competitors close to our stand. They brought much fat food that is obviously good competitive advantage:D. I hanged a map and pictures of cute Finnish girl (our competitive advantage) and nature on the desk. I also put some finnish books and  on a table so I think that it was good enough!

We also brought some Finnish sweets! Guess which ones! To be honest, not all Chileans liked licorice so much but many of them found the taste interesting.

I have warm feelings and good memories of this day. Chileans were very curious about Finland and asked many questions about so mysterious country for them. Unfortunately, not many people could even find it on the map but they have a good excuse - Chile is too far from Finland. Everyone asked how it’s cold in Finland. On my response Chilean compassionately shake their heads and asked more questions. We tried to tell about Finland as much as we could for 5 hours of this international fair. We told about Lapland, the place where Santa lives. People were especially interested in traditions in Finland. Chileans have summer all year around and their Christmas celebration is accompanied with artificial snow and Christmas tree. Chileans were glad to listen to us telling about real winter: much snow, delicious Christmas dishes, glögi, sauna and swimming in cold water.

Look at our smiling team! I hope that we made a good impression about cold but friendly Finland!


On this international fair we had a competition for the best fancy dress and we decided to dress the tallest finnish guy up in costume of Santa. We had so much fun! However, we didn’t win but I think that our participation in this competition definitely lifted the mood to everyoneJ

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