Study, train, sleep - repeat

Good day to all reading this blog J

Doing my best to stand by my promise, I try to find some time in my tight holiday schedule to periodically turn to this blog to share my recent experiences and updates. As I have mentioned in the previous blog, intermediate exams have passed successfully, and almost three-week holiday kicked off! It all couldn’t have been so perfect, and I got down with fever right in the beginning of my holiday… I very much attribute it to the large temperature change you are exposed here in Singapore, since it is quite hot outdoor, but insanely air-conditioned indoor. Such a temperature change makes you easily prone to flu. Fortunately, it took me just two days to recover – enriched smoothies from local stores played their big role in helping to do so, and I am now back on my feet.

When the contagious period was over, I could not help attending FinTech seminar organized by a local Investment Club, I have recently become a part of! The event was extremely interesting and educative. I think you have already heard of the hype about Financial Technology. The aim of the event was to illuminate the realities in the future of finance industry, and I think the event pretty much lived up to the goals it set. Two prominent speakers – one from FinTech startup Kapital Boost and another from FinTech innovation lab manager for OCBC bank gave a very useful insight into how the finance industry is changing and leveraging technology to meet consumer needs. I very much enjoy and value such seminars, as they are very interesting and beneficial in their content to those studying International Business.

But don’t get me wrong. Even though I am a very devoted and frequent visitor of local seminars related to investment and finance, and even a member of such clubs here, exchange in Singapore is not only about studying, but of many other exciting and fun events, pastimes and co-curricular activities. I will talk more about them in the coming blog articles.

For instance, inspired by a Kickboxaholic session held recently in the NYP gym, I enrolled to a local kickboxing club, which turned out to be hell of a lot of fun, learning, and, of course, sweat.


a snapshot from the training

Besides this kickboxing training, I often go to the gym, swimming pool and track-and-field stadium, all of which are located on the campus! I think I will write a separate blog on that later on.

I would like to finish my today’s blog here, but more is yet to come.

Have a nice day and see you soon J


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