Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo

Good day to all reading this blog!

In this entry today I would like to share with you an unforgettable experience I got to have recently in Singapore. I went to a Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo!


It was the middle of the exam period, when I found out that some of OSEP students are going to the safari. Several stiff exams were coming later that week, and was all into the preparation. Tickets to the safari were insanely cheap due to some discount, so I asked myself: “Why would I miss such a bargain? Why would I miss such an opportunity, in the first place?” I have seen for myself that exam preparation is almost never a good excuse for skipping training or any other exciting activity, as one cannot mentally and physically stay focused long hours, and does indeed need some kind of escape from hard studying. With this firm conviction in my head, I joined the night safari trip!


What awaited us there is something definitely worth to see! It is a large green park divided into six geographical zones of the world, which you can go through with an hour-long guided tram expedition. With this tram you will travel deep into the domain of the world’s most fascinating animals!


This tram would take you deep in the domain of wildlife

If you don’t feel that would be enough of an interaction with the wild-life, you can take one or all four walking trails which definitely won’t leave you indifferent and unimpressed. This way you will have an even closer encounter with truly captivating animals in their life habitat. With the constantly changing landscapes and vegetation, you really feel like you are changing geographical zones. But you do not only see the change, you pretty much hear it, as the forest if full of sounds – late night birds, sounds of falling water, and insects. I was most impressed by the proximity at which the tram and various trails were approaching predators. Not at an arm’s length, of course, but just a few jumps’ distance for a fast predator like a Malaysian tiger. I was also fascinated by laughing hyenas, feeding session of lions and very huge elephants. I would have been glad to attach some photos from the trail and expedition, but it was difficult to capture the animals with camera in an almost complete darkness. Instead, I urge you to come for an exchange to Singapore and experience it all first-hand.

At the end of it all, you can attend a spectacular show displaying creatures of the night. Those are indeed lifelong memories, as you get to interact firsthand with cute raccoons and huge pythons J

This is all for today.

Have a great week and see you soon! J


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