Greeting from sunny Singapore

Gardens by the Bay by day

“Gardens by the Bay” by day

Good day to all!

Due to the its geographical location, Singapore’s climate has uniform temperature and pressure. For almost three months that I have been here, temperature was mostly in the range between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius, and the humidity was in the range of 70 to 85%. Despite this consistency in temperature and humidity regimes, Singapore, however, has two monsoon seasons during the year, each of which has two phases – wet and dry. For better or worse, the months of December-March (the time that I am yet to stay here) is considered to be one of the monsoon seasons, with the first two months being the wet ones. December, nevertheless, doesn’t cease to please us with bright sunny days, and short heavy rains rarely occur, allowing to enjoy the Christmas holidays to the full. And there is pretty much to enjoy, as you can see on the picture above.

Besides immersing into the culture of Singapore, one can find a lot of interesting and enjoyable activities within the campus: sport, co-curricular activities, live gigs, international fairs, and many more. It is possible due to the fact that all units of the campus have normal working hours with only two days being exceptions: Christmas Day and the New Year’s Eve. The campus, however, is not so crowded these days, but it has its own advantages.

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When others don’t appreciate the opportunity given to them, I get to enjoy private swimming pool and track and field.

In the gym, however, it is not deserted at all. It is actually full-packed. It has never been so. Partly because of this special time of the year – year end - when the gym exclusively comprises two categories of people: those trying to fulfil old year’s resolution at the last few days, and the ones already working at their new year’s resolution. Despite the density, you still get to enjoy the training, as the polytechnic gym is large, spacious, and has a lot of equipment. To dispel the boredom of your routine workout, gym staff – very nice people indeed, organize small competitions. I got to participate in one of them, and won. It was called “Insane Santa Workout”: shrugs, squats, shrugs, barbell row, shrugs, shoulder press. I got a small gift for it: shaker and a protein bar with some sweets J

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This photo will make great memories J

This is all for now. In one of the coming article I will write about a very interesting and useful service I discovered at the Nanyang Polytechnic.

See you soon! J


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