Inner nerd's dreams come true!

Good day from Singapore!

Do you know what is one of the many things that change about your life when you get to study at a Finnish higher education institution, or at one of their not less admirable partners abroad? Well, I can tell you, as I have been studying at both! It might sound boring, and it might even be so to some of you, but the thing is that your inner nerd’s dreams come true! For the past several months I have been really fond of reading and learning more on corporate finance, macroeconomics and investment. Being really keen on it, I have started dreaming of how great it would be to visit Stock Exchange. If you read my previous blog articles, you know what happened next – I did get to visit SGX, and not just come and see, but attended a seminar on the portfolio construction. I am now a very frequent visitor of the SGX, as they turned out to give educational seminars every other week.

When my first inner nerd’s dream came true, it didn’t stop just there – I started to dream more. As I researched deeper about the sphere of my interest, I got to know about various terminals (simply speaking, computer applications) that allow financial specialists to access various financial markets and get up-to-date information. The most well-know of these terminals is Bloomberg Terminal, which, I thought, I wouldn’t get to experience in the coming years, as I was neither bound to get a position in an investment bank, nor I had spare US$20000 to get a subscription for one. It didn’t prevent me from dreaming though. Just a few weeks later during library tour I found out that Nanyang Polytechnic does have Bloomberg Terminal, and it is free to use for students. I could not believe my ears, before I saw it myself.

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And that wasn’t all the magic for the day. As soon as I got down to the Bloomberg Terminal, it turned out that I can get certified on Bloomberg Market Concept course for free, while the normal price for it is about US$250. Not bad, right? After the course completion, you get a certificate, which will be a nice addition to your resume. Those coming for an exchange to Nanyang Polytechnic, do take chance of this opportunity!

I hope that in future Singapore will continue to anticipate my desires! J

This is all for now. Have a lovely day and see you soon!


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