Sossu is Back in Finland!

Since I've been back home for over a week now I feel like it's time to sum up something about my experience in Liverpool and Edge Hill University..


Something that I learned:

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to connect with people because of the language and culture differences. I was wrong.

I also thought that it's always raining in England. It wasn't.


IMG 20161219 113926 1

How the sceneries changed during my time in England


IMG 20161211 162956 

DSC 4656  DSC 4683


Even though Edge Hill University is located in Ormskirk, I lived in Liverpool during my exchange and for me it worked well. I was able to explore the city and do a lot of things there. Despite this I spent quite a lot of time on campus with other international students. The atmosphere on campus is generally speaking really welcoming and warm. You never need to feel alone there.


IMG 20161205 103526 1  IMG 20161209 090342 1

IMG 20161201 080818  IMG 20161215 111052

IMG 20161213 103649 1  IMG 20161215 140855 1


I’m not gonna lie – this autumn was a rollercoaster when it comes to feelings. I have had some of the best times of my life but when the homesickness strikes you bad.. It’s bad. I must admit that I was surprised how much I felt that at one point. For me it was important to keep myself active. I joined some societies on campus and did a lot of sports. I also spent a lot of time on campus outside the lectures so that I could meet people and just chill. 


IMG 20161216 151800

My tip for reducing homesickness: keep yourself active but know your limits. Be open for new experiences – that is what it’s all about.


IMG 20161212 100211

We had a self-organised dinner with the international students on campus. Everyone prepared a traditional dish of their country. Hanna and I participated with a huge bowl of macaroni casserole! 


IMG 20161216 152347

Another place by Antony Gormley in Crosby Beach


DSC 4037  DSC 4041

DSC 4042  DSC 4045

DSC 4062

A dear friend of mine visited me at the end of November


DSC 4529  DSC 4536

DSC 4538  DSC 4547

Windermere, Lake District 


DSC 4702  DSC 3946

DSC 4644  DSC 4172

I could see the Christmas coming


DSC 4736


In my opinion student exchange is a perfect way to learn about different cultures, improve your language skills and make new friends. It’s an experience that grows you in many ways and you will never forget it. For me this experience was more than I would have never even dream of. I love the person this experience has made me. It has constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I could write all the syrupy cliches here, but I'll control myself not to do that.

At the moment I am planning to do my last placement in Liverpool in autumn 2017. And this time I might even stay a little bit longer..


What does the New Year hold for you? Take a chance! 



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