Hitting the beach on exchange be like

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Have you ever thought of how it would be to study in a place where you can make it to a beautiful palm-fringed and sun-drenched white beach in a matter of one hour? If you haven’t, I can tell you – it is amazing.

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I get to take this one-hour trip here in Singapore, as the weather favors. In reality it doesn’t even feel like an hour – it is like in no time, I would say, as the public transportation is just as good as it could be, so you can conveniently commute around the city at comparably low cost.

Whilst Singapore is very well-known as a sea hub to Asia-Pacific, which means countless numbers of vessels and tankers arriving to the local port, Temasek (the first recorded name of the site of modern Singapore) managed to retain and preserve some of its coastal areas to serve as recreational zones for the locals and tourists.

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Both a proof of my words on the number of vessels, and a beautiful sunset itself

The coastal area that I am talking about is an island resort called Sentosa. The resort is so huge and so rich in various leisure pastime, that one can hardly see and experience it all at once. There are dozens of activities, several lovely beaches, natural reserves, food stalls with just amazing cuisine, shops and many more. I am not sure even local get to enjoy it all, as there is so much to do! Sentosa, by the way, has its Universal Studios, and I am yet to make it there. By now I have only visited the three beaches, and it was a real discovery. Before I made it there, I was partly misled by the Singapore’s title of sea hub, and wasn’t expecting much from the beaches, as it is very difficult to maintain those when the maritime business is buzzing, and the vessels never cease to cruise around. When I finally made it to Sentosa beach – I was stunned. Lovely, palm-fringed, sun-drenched beach – no, the description is in no way overloaded with adjective – it is just as the view turns out to be. You simply have to see it.

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Not bad at all, right?

I will finish at this point, as the picture speaks for itself J

See you soon!


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