Kicking off the New Year in Singapore

Good day to all J

I was so stunned and captivated by the fireworks, that I absolutely forgot to take pictures…

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Photo Credit: @anna_vinterfall

As The New Year 2017 unfolds, here is to wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful year ahead! No one can go back in time to change what has happened, so we have to work on our present to make ourselves bright future. I trust that all of you had an enjoyable New Year celebration, the pleasant memories of which will accompany you throughout the year and give an energy boost for the new accomplishments. If talking about the celebration in Singapore - that I got a chance to behold - it exceeded all my expectations. Contemplating such a spectacular scenery doesn’t leave anyone indifferent, and it indeed energizes you.

The New Year celebration in Singapore is something to experience in your lifetime. Excited by the approaching New Year and being extremely eager to join the city in its commencing festivity, our group of OSEP students headed to the central area quite early, anticipating the grandiose celebrations. After a dinner at a small Indian restaurant in the Little India area, we headed to the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) area of the city to find a spot to watch the upcoming firework displays. To say that it was crowded is to say nothing. It was packed to the rafters, and it very much seemed to me that all the Singaporeans and tourists poured into the streets to see the fireworks and to share the joy of the celebration, and we were far from being the only ones looking for a good viewing point. It was so crowded, that you could move around, but it didn’t in any way affected the joyous mood of the people, and everyone was surprisingly polite and patient. Just imagine – it was so packed in the Marina Bay vicinity, that the auxiliary police fenced the area, and didn’t let anyone in so as to prevent crowd crush, which I think was a necessary measure indeed. Despite this crowdedness, we did find a great spot before midnight, when the show began. The firework displays were absolutely stunning. I have never seen anything that grand before. The manifold of colors and ornaments decorated the sky, leaving no one indifferent to this spectacular scenery. The massive firework displays literally ushered in the New Year, and the peals of laughter and jubilation of the beholders didn’t cease until early in the morning, when the joyful crowd started to head home.

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true!


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