Singapore Customs certification

Good day to all!

I trust that you enjoy your last days of holidays, as I get to enjoy it here in Singapore. It is warm, sunny, and cheerful here J

But I, of course, I have come here not only because of the year-round warmth, sun and nearby beach. My choice of Singapore as a place of exchange was a well-informed one. I knew that I was heading to a country with a well-established and diversified financial sector, to a country which is often referred to as the “air and sea hub of Asia”, and a place where doing business is admittedly easier than anywhere else in the world. I was coming here with a firm intention to get the most out of it exchange. Learning from the best is best learning, right? With this in mind, I was thinking of ways how to get exposed to these spheres. As for financial sector and business-doing, Singapore exchange together with Bloomberg Terminal and numerous companies’ open houses and visits pretty much gave me that exposure and relevant valuable experience. As for the part of “air and sea hub of Asia”, I had a nerd’s dream to get to know Singapore Customs processes closer, and to find out what makes this country so attractive to shippers and carriers. And I did get the chance to do that!

When choosing study modules for my exchange in Singapore, I took a thought: “Where, if not in Singapore, should one study International Freight Management?” The answer was obvious, and I ticked that course as a preferred selection. Not long ago, when I was already here in Singapore, a teacher for the course announced that there would be some certification programme. I was curious and decided to find out. It turned out to be that much-desired J Certification Programme on Singapore Customs Procedure. I needed no second offer and signed right away.

It turned out to be a very informative programme. We first had a sequence of lectures on the main processes at the Singapore customs, customs tax regimes, national single window TradeNet platform, secure trade partnership programme and many more. It was then followed by a visit to a company where we not only got to know how this particular company interacts with the Singapore Customs, but were admitted to its Zero-GST (Goods and Services Tax) warehouse! It is indeed a very interesting system, which implies that goods are already in Singapore, but wouldn’t be taxed until they are released from the warehouse for sale.

CIMG6941 651x488

The warehouse’s Command Center shouldn’t necessarily be huge

 CIMG6949 651x488

It is one of the many distribution centers in Asia-Pacific, so the stock is not very large, since medical-device do not generally have long shelf-life.

CIMG6947 651x868

Should there be an emergency of stock-out in a hospital, medical devices can leave the warehouse in under two-hours’ time.

I hope my exchange will continue to be a sequence of such a nice learning opportunities.

This is all for today J

See you soon.


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