Hell of an Open House

Good Sunday morning to all J

Looking three years back in the past, I remember myself standing at the crossroad of choosing the future course of studies, and, consequently, at the same time taking my first step towards identifying future profession. Luckily, I had a rather developed understanding of where I want to study and the field of work I see myself in the future. My study place aspirations have come true, with which I am more than satisfied. As for the field of work, let’s see what future holds. It is, however, rarely the case that school graduates have a firm conviction of what course of studies they want to pursue. I was exceptionally fortunate in that regard, as I could see my peers hesitating between the two or three exactly opposite fields of study. What is more important, is that I see some of them unsure whether they made the right choice - now that three years have passed, and they are about to graduate.

To avoid such situations, universities organize open houses, at which you, yet a schoolkid, get to learn more about different courses of studies, possible future professions, and, what is more importantly, obtain incredible hands-on experience. A recently ended NYP Open House was a brilliant example of what it should be like. As promised in one of the previous articles, I am going to share with you my experience.

Not considering myself a future applicant, I skipped the less interesting part of various diploma presentations and info stalls. I, however, didn’t fail to participate in each and every activity organized thereafter :D

airbus a320

I, for instance, had an opportunity to fly Airbus A320 simulator. And, of course, I took that opportunity without hesitation. It was an amazing experience. I made the take-off, and cockpit counterpart made the landing. We then reversed the roles and did it again. Flying simulator gives a surprising adrenaline rush, as you kind of grow into the role of pilot.

driverless car 651x488

I was rolling in this driverless car! It really does the job, though at a low speed.

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It is a “grab as much as you can with one hand”-type of activity. I grabbed so much they were sad I discovered their booth J

15941235 10154259282828067 4380034670100779046 n 651x433

I tried to help this buddy lying on the ground, but I don’t think I improved his chances of staying alive, but rather lowered them L

15873112 10154259283348067 1436107897720610934 n 651x433

It was all accompanied by energetic and beautiful dancing and singing.

This open house was a great marking of the end of holidays, and a great example of how career orientation should be set up. I am now thinking of becoming a pilot J

This is all for now. Have a great day and see you soon!


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