Top 3 of Linnala campus



Studying in Linnala campus is quite cool. There are numerous reasons why I like my school so i'll introduce you my favorite things about this place.

1. Food: Restaurant Linnala offers great and tasty food for affordable price. The mealtime is always a pleasant happening and the food tastes like heaven. My absolute favorite is the warm bread straight from the oven. Ravenous students may choose between main dish, soup or vegetarian option. There are also pastries, cakes and fruits sold in cafeteria.

2. People: There are not many students but it is actually a good thing IMO. Many come from abroad so it is handy to make contacts to other countries, I, for example made good friends with an Italian student and visited Trieste, Italy few years ago. It is super easy to make friends and many people wave at each other. 

3. Facilities: School area is cozy and full of lovely places to sit down and relax. My favorite is a little room behind the school library. There you are able to use computer, read books or play mitt favorit, Swedish Trivial Pursuit. Other student-friendly area is naturally Saiko's Office located in "a dark corner" of the school. Music, free coffee and magazines are examples of activities in the office.

Remember people, today is a party day :)


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