Typical Tuesday on exchange in Singapore

Good day to all!

Ever wondered what my day is like here on exchange in Singapore? How it is different from those of you in Lappeenranta or maybe some other exchange partner university? I have decided to write a series of blogs to share with you the weekly schedule of mine.

Tuesday is a day of the week not all of the students will make to – at least sober - as Monday is rough and does not spare anybody. I am exaggerating, of course, but there is some truth to it, especially for exchange students J It so happened that I have only one two-hour lecture on Tuesday, and the rest of the day is there for me. So let’s make the most out of it then!

I have figured out for myself, that early mornings, though hard in execution, work out way better eventually. You have more hours in the day to get things done, but still do not miss out the fun, as you feel somewhat more energetic in such days. At least it is so for me. Morning routine is the same as any other day. Shower, proper breakfast and a sweet treat J I then head out to my most frequently visited place on campus. No, not a food canteen, but a library J

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Whatever homework I have for the this or next day, I get it done.

When I am done with my school routine, I head to the gym, as classes finish there and it opens for everyone.


If you manage to make it there early enough, you have a private gym at your disposal for half an hour or so before students start to pour in. What you see on the picture is half of the equipment the gym has. Besides this, there are rowing machines, treadmills, squat racks, bench press, dumbbells and many more. A real paradise for sport enthusiasts!

Having finished my workout, I have a lunch and go to the lecture. When the lecture ends, I have the whole day ahead. Last Tuesday, for instance, our groupmate from Saimaa UAS paid us a visit, so we were obliged to show him around Singapore. Here is our journey in pictures:

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We first headed to China town to check out Chinese New Year preparations, decorations, and to have a few refreshing drinks.

CIMG7153 651x488

Got astonished from some man-made creations while on our way to Clarke Quay.

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Enjoyed the view at Clarke Quay for a while, waiting for the sun to set.

CIMG7174 651x868

Approached the skyscrapers a little bit closer. What I especially like about this particular place is how these traditional miniature two-storied buildings on the right get along with the magnificent concrete giants in the center.

CIMG7237 651x488

We eventually found ourselves contemplating the Singapore skyline from the top of the Marina Bay shopping mall.

Understandably, the evening didn’t end there. Later we actually found ourselves at the casino entrance, and my friends were pretty much willing to spend a few hundreds, but some invisible force favored us and it turned out that we needed Singapore-issued ID to get inm which we didn't have with us at that time.

This is how another typical day in Singapore looks like.

Have a great day too and see you soon J


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