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Hello everyone J

I trust that you guys are having days as rich in events and activities, as I do here on exchange in Singapore. Believe it or not, but every other day brings something new into my life and experience. Today, for instance, our class had a company visit to Jurong Port Academy.

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You might wonder what is so special about all these company visits. I can tell you that there is something special about every trip I have so far got to attend. The insights into real companies’ operations, their premises, and the possibilities to learn from the field professionals are simply invaluable.

I shall start my narration from telling you a little bit more of what Jurong Port is, as it, understandably, has direct relation to the company I had the chance to visit today. Jurong Port is one of the leading international multi-purpose ports. It is, however, far from being the biggest port even in Singapore, but it’s importance can hardly be underestimated. The reality is that the substantial part of all bulk, general and containerized cargo meant for consumption in Singapore, actually arrives to Singapore through Jurong Port. It is, therefore, of critical significance to the country’s economic well-being and standard of living.

So what does Jurong Port Academy have to do with it? It basically performs Human Resource Development function for the Jurong Port. Various professional trainings, qualification courses – JPA provides all of these and some other educational products. It might sound insignificant, but don’t be so skeptical about it. Port’s efficiency and competitiveness is its employees’ professionalism and qualification. Our visit was not a two-hour boring lecture. It was instead a two-hour insight you can get from no university – the insight of how HR solves real business issues: bargaining with unions on collective contracts, negotiating with employees, solving out legal issues and many more. Beside this indeed useful insight into HR and its real-life applicability, we got to try crane operator simulator – the only one of its kind in Singapore!

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They told me I should have studied for a crane operator instead, as it seemed I was practicing months before.

After that we ate some snacks kindly served by the Academy, and headed back to the polytechnic campus J It was a great experience indeed, and I hope there will be more of such visits in the future. I will, of course, be sharing them with you in this blog.

This is all for today. Have a great day and see you soon J


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