Scoring A's has never been so easy

Hello everyone J

Me nerding out or, better say, being admittedly studious has started to pay off, as I start to receive my intermediate exam papers with A’s on them, which, according to Singapore grading scale, is what all nerds aim for.

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CIMG7115 651x488

I would not say it was difficult to get a good grade here at NYP. It becomes even less so when you have to study for the modules you are really interested in. Could it become any easier? Yes, it could, if stirring you interest for the Corporate Finance subject is a person who was performing real company IPO’s at SGX not so long ago, and is very much willing to share the insights of what it is like.

Luckily, all of the courses I take here fall in the sphere of my interest. I think I will write more about module diversity and my modules in particular in one of the coming blog articles. But I feel I shall not brag too much about not so significant intermediate papers, as I have more than enough opportunities to spoil the whole thing and to lay an egg. Here at NYP, module arrangements are of two types: you either have one exam at the end of the course, or do the not so bulky ICA’s (assignments, group projects, presentations, speeches etc.) throughout the module and free yourself from the exam.

P.S. I at times amaze how ridiculously ingenious English idioms might be to find similarities between a failing person and someone laying an egg.

By the way, there is a lot of interesting events and activities coming up soon, and I will be sharing those with you, so stay tuned and learn how great your exchange might be if you study at a Finnish higher education institution! There will be a visit to Government Investment Corporation (leading global investment firm with well over US$100 billion in assets), Corruption Practices Investigation Bureau, and a Symphonic Concert to crown it all J

This is all for today.

Have a great day and see you soon J


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