The not so typical day on exchange in Singapore

Lovely Saturday morning to all J

In this blog today I would like to share with you something absolutely incredible that happened to me yesterday. A series of events so unbelievable and exciting I could not calm myself hours after, and could hardly fall asleep last night, as my mind was arousing my body by recalling moments from the ending day and bringing back the thrill. It was definitely my best day in Singapore, and one of the best days in my life.

It should be said that I have been interested in cars for all my life. Now that I am in Singapore contemplating all these luxury cars, this interest has somehow grown into an obsession. It is similar to a drug addiction: the more cars you see, the worse you want to see them again. Being in the grip of this obsession, I would eventually start to search the Web for where I can see more of these captivating vehicles, and I found. There was a Singapore Motorshow coming up, and I simply could not miss it. My lectures were not yet over yesterday when I found out that my friends are going there too. So I decided to skip the lectures and join them. I would have called it truancy, but there was more than a good reason to skip the lectures. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have such great memories and would have missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So yes, skipping lectures can, at times, be the only right decision, and absolutely justified.

Coming to the show, I didn’t expect anything more than dozens of fancy cars put in a row. I would gaze, touch, sit in them, and take some pictures, and would have been pretty much satisfied with that alone. There was also something mentioned on the web site about a stunt show with limited admission. Already at the car show, I found out that the stunts are to be performed by world-famous car stunt-performer and precision driver Russ Swift, who is holder of three Guinness World Records and appeared in Top Gear show several times. The admission to the stunt show was, as I already said, limited, so I could not even be sure I will manage to get in. Nevertheless, I was seriously determined to do that. So seriously, that one hour later I found myself sitting in the car right next to world-famous stunt-performer Russ Swift while he was performing his world-famous J-turn stunt in a brand-new model of Subaru. I simply could not believe it was happening to me.

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This is me sitting in the car on the right. On the left seat is Russ Swift himself.

You might wonder how I managed to get in the car. It might sound very easy if you do not take into account that in every other minute you can be plagued by doubts about the worthiness of even making an effort. This is what actually was happening to me, but I somehow managed to overcome the doubt and to try. All I had to do is to be the first in every of the three consecutive queues leading to the stunt show: stunt ticket queue, stunt show queue, and indemnity form queue. And I did it. It cost me one hour of awkward waiting, but the thing was absolutely worth it. If I knew in advance how spectacular it would be, I would not refuse to wait the whole day.

I just followed the predetermined plan, and here I am – sitting in the specially allocated section for stunt volunteers. My name is called out first and I head to join the ride with Russ Swift for his J-turn. I had a great adrenaline rush, and it felt like a dream. When the ride was over, I joined back the tribune to observe like as a spectator, which was not less exciting, as Russ jammed on the brakes to stop in half meter from the tribune or other brand-new models of Subaru cars. Besides J-turn, there was reverse parking, parallel parking, car dance, car on two wheels, and the well-known doughnuts moves.

CIMG7335 651x488

Subaru made my day.

When the car show was over, I was kindly invited to a photo session with Russ Swift, where he signed a brochure for me and we made this nice picture.

CIMG7336 651x868

Me with a world-famous precision driver and stunt-performer Russ Swift.

This is what an exchange student from a Finnish University of Applied Sciences might get to experience if s/he dares to go for an exchange. In connection with this, I would like to ask you to dare to decide and act, and it will enlighten and enrich your days, and maybe the whole life, as it yesterday proved so for me. Exchange in general has so far proved to be an absolutely worthy decision.

This is all for today.

Have a great day and see you soon J


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