Weekend routine on exchange in Singapore

Good day to all J

Yesterday morning, I wrote a blog “The not so typical day on exchange in Singapore”, in which I shared with you my incredible experience from the Singapore Motorshow. I got to sit in the car with the holder of three Guinness World Records in precision driving, while at the same time he was doing J-turn stunts. Yes, I was in that very car at the time he was doing that. Nothing less than that.

Understandably, you weren’t the only one I shared my experience with. Pretty much everyone I met afterwards got to listen to the unbelievable story. I believe I was so thrilled that my excitement transferred to others and they could settle for no less than joining the ride with Russ Swift too. Very much willing to help them, I told everyone how to maximize chances of sharing the ride with one of the best precision drivers in the world. I myself could not get enough of the Singapore Motorshow on the first day. These brand new luxury cars captivated me and deprived of the sleep on that day.

CIMG7353 651x488

They actually tried to sell me this Audi Q7. Was it the stunt ride that wore me out and made look older, or are they seriously lacking professionalism?

I wouldn’t believe one can leave that place indifferent. No man in his right mind can remain calm at the sight of Nissan GT-R.

CIMG7310 651x488

Nissan GT-R itself.

His heart rate is sure to increase as naturally as it does upon inhalation. Then why wouldn’t I join my friends for the second time and make sure they do everything right to get in the car. So I did. It pretty much felt like déjà vu all the way, but not a false one. We did all the three queues and made sure that we were the first ones in all of them, but it later turned out that being the first in the queue doesn’t qualify us for stunt volunteers, and that the volunteers will actually be called out randomly from the audience. We had the front seats, so out chances were somewhat higher. You wouldn’t believe, but when the selection of volunteers started, I was chosen again out of 200+ people. I am joining the ride with Russ Swift again, second day in a row! I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. I once again fill in the indemnity form, take a certain seat and wait for my turn. The next moment you see this:

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I sit in this very car with Russ Swift.

Subaru made two of the best days in my life – that’s how you get people dedicated to your make. It all became possible thanks to the exchange I am having as a part of my studies at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. If you still have hesitations regarding your study place or whether you should go for an exchange, this might be somewhat of an incentive for you.

This is all for today and for the Singapore Motorshow. As for now, I don’t have any plans of going there again, but let’s see J

Have a great Sunday and see you soon!


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