Typical Wednesday on exchange in Singapore

Lovely day to all J

Ever wondered what my day is like here on exchange in Singapore? How it is different from those of yours in Lappeenranta or maybe some other exchange partner university? I have decided to write a series of blogs to share with you the weekly schedule of mine.

Wednesday is a very important day of the week, as it marks the middle of it, and reminds that there is just two more days before it will again go easy as the weekend will start. Having fully recovered from the previous weekend, exchange students start to appear at the lectures, and also finish appearing the same day. It is because Wednesday, as an unwritten rule says, is a “small Friday”, which means a not so small party.

As for me, I only have one lecture on Wednesday, which means that I have the whole day at my disposal. So let’s make the most out of it! It all starts with the same morning routine: shower, proper breakfast, and a sweet treat J I then head to the library, which, I think, will soon also become a part of my daily morning routine. But I don’t really mind! If you could only try the coffee and chocolate muffins they have at the library café, you would have understood why I am spending so much time in the library. Just kidding J I first get the next day’s things done and then, maybe, treat myself.

As soon as I am done with school stuff and lectures, I will head over to the university pool – to swim, sunbathe and chill. I will then have some juice or ice-tea. How do you like it? J It is my private pool, by the way, as there is absolutely nobody there. Why on the world would people give up this opportunity?!

After the pool, I will have a proper lunch – it is either a home-made one, or a menu from one of the numerous food stalls at the campus. It is about 6-7 p.m. when the sun sets and darkness falls. Darkness, as a saying goes, is youths’ best friends, because this is the time the fun part starts. Exchange students start to gather in someone’s flat for a so-called “pre-drink”, which, as I later understood, is a strategical cost-saving measure students introduce to their budgets. It is usually introduced when the budget period is nearly over - so is the money. When everyone is pre-drunk, we head to the city center to have a walk and eat out at some nice place. Last Wednesday we were dining at the Clarke Quay, which is a very enjoyable place with good music and joyful ambiance.

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Not a bad place to spend a Wednesday evening.

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This is what I had, and it was delicious. I loved it so much I forgot to take a picture of the main course.

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Here we are J An enjoyable food with an even more enjoyable company.

If we feel like, we canlater join one of the parties nearby, but I think that time we actually went home. Well, we can now call it a day.

Being honest with you, when I was graduating from high school, I didn’t really think my university studies will be even close to resembling the exciting, interesting and so enjoyable lifestyle I have now. I could not even imagine. You can travel the world while on the exchange or doing practical training, provided with all imaginable study and recreational facilities, and even be financially supported – could a student desire more? Free food and drinks? No, this is too much. Your meals are already subsidized – both in Finland and Singapore. Here at Nanyang Polytechnic they come as cheaply as 2-4 euros. Are the food stalls even hitting the breakeven?

This is all for today J

Have a great day and see you soon!


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