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I would like to continue my blog entries about my trips in Chile because I have much to share with you. This blog entry will be about my trip to Patagonia. If you have already read any of my blog entries that I have published, you remember that my trips were quite risky. This adventure is not exception.


Have you ever experienced the situation when you are in a very challenging situation and you need to make decision very fast. I think that all we do. It was late evening before my trip to Patagonia when I got message from my Belgian friend that she is not going with me to Patagonia and canceled her flight. I was shocked. And I had to do important essay  that night because I didn’t have time to do it before. The most terrible thing was that we didn’t book hostel because I waited for her to return from her trip. Thus I didn’t have accommodation, any person to go with me, however, I had much work with my essay :D I didn’t have too much time to think about it. After 2 hours of hesitating, I finally decided to go because it is time of my life. Fortunately, I found a hostel and have written the essay.


When I was coming out my house at 4 a.m, I still thought that if I did not catch a taxi (it was too early) or I was late for my flight, I would stay at home. At that time, I had kind of apathy about what would happen with me next because I didn’t sleep an hour that night. I remember that moment when I waited for any taxi to catch. Santiago was sleeping and I could hear only sounds of cars. I had a shadow of the stress but these feelings were very deep in me and mostly I felt sleepiness. I also thought about risk I take and decided that we take risk every single day even at home and there is nothing to worry about. Probably I even like risk.


I caught a taxi and was on time. I took my seat and finally closed eyes. In my sleep, I could hear very scaring sounds. Plane was screeching during the whole flight but I could not open my eyes. I think that even if we fall down, I wouldn’t wake up. Anyway it was a great lesson which says that it’s better not to choose low cost airline because life is more valuable. One of our professors in Universidad de Chile works in a very big international company and flies to different places every 2 weeks. One time he told us that his company prefers not to buy ticket in that low cost airline because the risk is already big as he flies very often so it increased 2 times if he would fly with low cost company.


Hopefully, we landed. I went out of airport and took a bus to Puerto Natales which is close to The Strait of Magellan. There you can see real whales, penguins and many other animals. I would love to go there but, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money and time to take the trip. The idea was to go to Punta Natales, change the bus and go to Punto Arenas.


In the bus on the way to Punta Arenas, I met two brothers from Australia who directed to the same place as me. They were very kind and friendly and I was glad to meet them. Even though they had different plan in Patagonia, we spent some time together. So I wasn’t that alone thereJ


Punta Arenas is a very small but cozy town which is located very close to Torres del Paine. Torrese del Paine is a national park, which is famous for its pure, amazingly beautiful nature. In this place you do not only admire views but also can meet puma. I’ve seen one and it was a great luck because a small number people have seen it there.


 I arrived at Punto Natales in the evening, said bye to my new friends and went to my hostel. That hostel was definitely the best that I have ever seen in Chile because there was heating. I suffered a little bit from the lack of heating in hostels and houses in Chile and when I saw the heater, I got excited.  In the same evening I decided to go around the city and find any excursions.


Torres del Paine is ideal place to hike. It has many places you can rent to put your tent . Australian guys wanted to do the most famous destination for trekking – double W trek. They invited me to join them but, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time for it. So I decided to do my own plan. First, I took an excursion to various highlights of the park. Secondly, I booked trekking to base of Torres del Paine which is the most spectacular view of the park. Thirdly, I planned to go to Argentina for 2 days and go to el Calafate and take an excursion to Perrito Moreno there. I could also reach Perrito Moreno from Punta Arenas but it was very expensive so it would be cheaper to go to el Calafate which was very close to Perrito Moreno.


Unfortunately, not all my plans came true. First day I went for trekking to base Torres del Paine. As far as we came out a bus which took us to Torres del Paine, it started rain. Bad luck. We hoped it would stop and went up for long time until a path in mountains became very slippery. Our instructor decided to delay the hike for the day after tomorrow. For me it meant that my trip to Argentina is canceled because 1 day wasn’t enough to get to Calafate and come back without being late for my flight to Santiago. That day I accidentally met Australians in supermarket and we decided to have a lunch together. We walked around the town, talked and had a coffee together. My day wasn’t that bad even though it rained as hell.


Next day I had an excursion to the main highlights for Torres del Paine. The views were amazing! The only obstacle to take a good photo was a very strong wind which literally sent me sprawling.


пат 1


пат 4

One of our last stops was the Lago Grey where glaciers are. I have never seen them before. I was excited.

пат 6


On the end of the tour we went to Milodon Caves. Just imagine that all you see on the picture now was deep in water and then came out. After that stage ancient people lived there. Men hunted huge mammoth and women cooked it. When I’ve seen that huge mammoth, I couldn’t believe that it’s possible to catch and kill  it.

пат 7

пат 10


On the second day I finally went up to base Torres del Paine.  I took 6 hours to go there and back. It was quite exhausting because the path was from stones going up. Some people even quitted to climb up. For me it was very interesting experience because I’ve never hiked through mountainous areas before.  When we were quite high first time, I was about to cry from beauty of pure nature. 

пат 11

I would like to return to Punta Arenas for W trekking in Torres del Paine one day and go to Puerto Natales to see whales in the ocean. I have very good memories from this beautiful place and hope that I will have opportunity to visit it again.

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