La Serena

Hello, everyone!

In this blog entry I would like to tell about my new adventure to La Serena located in the region of Coquimbo. I went there with my friend from Morocco and we spent 3 days there. This experience was absolutely crazy for me because I lived in the house of absolutely unfamiliar men. I’m sure that you’ve heard about coachserfing service. For those who don’t know, it’s a website where you can find people to provide you place to live in and you share your culture and experience with them in exchange. So I’ve heard about this service several times but never used it. I decided to try it in Latin America and live in house of strangers. Does it sound like a great idea? Maybe not but I don’t regret at all.

We arrived too early at the bus station and had to wait 4 hours there. We didn’t have any suitable cloth and didn’t expect it would be freezing there. We also didn’t have cash to buy any hot drink. So it was terrible but we survived. I was happy when the host called that he arrived to bus station to pick us up to his house. We saw well-dressed and smiling person who offered help with our suitcases.

We went to his house by car and talked a little bit. Then he told that he needs to represent us to his friend and asked to wait us them because he needed to pick him up from somewhere. We drank a tea and waited them for some time discussing what to do in case they are dangerous.

Finally they arrived and we met that guy. He was a co-worker of our host who wanted to go to live in Australia and practice English. We decided to go to the city for sightseeing and that guy promised to show us the most beautiful places. First we walked around the town and went to Japonese park -Jardin del Corazon (Garden of the Heart). This park was a present of Japan to Chile for copper mining. It was the most peaceful place I have ever been to. This park was full of Japanese little alcoves and lakes with swans. What the beautiful views! We were enjoying perfect silence for couple of hours.

ser 2ser 1

After this pleasant walk, we went to search for a place to grab some food and stopped in a very cozy restaurant. Risotto with vegetables and soup were surpisingly delicious and cheap. In the end we got gelatin dessert which is very common in Chile.

ser 3

 We were very tired but really wanted to visit La Cruz. It was built in 2000 as a symbol of 2000th birthday of Christ. La Cruz is huge and really tall.

ser 4The view of La Serena from La Cruz

ser 6


Then we went to the coast of ocean! It was amazing. Unfortunately, it was impossible to swim because water was very cold. Anyway view was stunning. Ocean is a huge and powerful force with its faithful waves. I always found the ocean infinite and marvelous enrapturing in happiness from all fears and problems.   I was watching the waves and asked to take all my inner emotion away as I always do. It seemed like water listened to my thoughts and answered with loud sounds of waves.

ser 7

Our host promised to meet us near the coast. We went to a supermarket  to buy products for spaghetti.  At home we met one more friend of our host and had the dinner with all them. In general I liked the people but I didn’t feel really comfortable with them because our host made us talk if me and my friend were silent for some time. It seemed like we owed something to him. One the last day of our stay when we returned home at 11 o’clock, he asked us to wait him to go back because he needed to visit someone. It was late night and he wanted us to talk about something. It was a little bit scaring. Hopefully, nothing terrible happened. He just went back and tried to talk with us. As you can understand, we were just tired after such a long day and our answers weren’t very long. Our host just highlighted that we were very silent all the time that was actually annoying. Finally he left us alone and we went to sleep.

I would say that  my first  experience with coachserfing was interesting. Would I recommend the service? Hmm… It depends on your host. I wouldn’t go to the house of  our host in La Serena one more time. It is better to pay money than to feel kind of uncomfortable but as I already mentioned it depends on your host.

Next we went to Vicuña where we also lived in a place through the service and this experience was much better in my point of view. So the story continues …




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