Dear friends

If you have read my previous blog about my trip to La Serena, you remember that I was planning to go to Vicuña which is relatively close to Serena. We arrived at Vicuña in the early morning and went to close by pharmacy. Why pharmacy? We decided to meet with our host there because he worked as a pharmacist. I’m not a big fun of small tows but I felt in love with that one. It was very well-groomed and pretty. It was full of parks and little squares so I could walk around for a long time.

So we went to the pharmacy and met our new friend. I remember that the first impression from the person was very positive. He had an open look and very kind eyes. I remember that I felt much better when I have seen him because I little bit worried about the new host after our previous experience in Serena.

I think that we were very lucky to find him because he asked his friend to show us Elqui valley for small payment which was actually money for fuel. That guy didn’t speak English at all but we managed to speak in Spanish with him and even became good friends.

Our first stop in Elqui Valle was the Mistral Pisco. There we learnt about the process of making Pisco. Our guide spoke only in Spanish and sometimes it was really hard to understand very technical vocabulary but I caught the main idea. For those who has never heard about Chile, Pisco is the most famous, traditional drink there. Chileans and Peruvians still ague pretending to be the first inventors of it.

el 1

el 2

I really liked the pictures on the walls there. They remind how people can look like after drinking too much.

el 3


On our way we stopped several times to admire the beauty. 

el 4

This view reminds me landscape from a cartoon The Lion King.

el 6


In the evening my friend decided to go to Mamalluca (stars observatory). I had an oppotnunity to watch stars in observatory of Atacama and I took a decision to stay with our new friend. He needed to go to La Serena to give something to his brother and offered me to join him. Why not? It was late night when we stopped on the coast to take fresh air on our way back.  At night senses become heightened. These feelings are especially familiar for those who live  through emotions. I felt like the world around me was so amazing and huge and I was somewhere on the edge of the world breathing the sea air. It was happiness for 15 minutes. Then we returned to Vicuña.

Our host and the new friend decided to make so called “asado” that means barbecue in Spanish. We offered them money to buy meat and vegetables but they were adamant and didn’t let us do it. I was just surprised that they were so kind to let strangers live in their house and feed us without expecting anything in return. I found answer on the question why. Our host told us how he traveled around the world and many people hosted him so that he felt gratitude and decided to host by himself. He told us that he returned home with broken shoes and cloth without any cent from that trip and continues to collect money for new adventure. He definitely had passion to travel even if there was nothing in his pocket.

After the barbecue, we went to the bar-club which was very close. It was nice place but I understood that my friends felt kind of shame. They were making excuses for very old music. I wasn’t good at chilean music and in general I liked it.In the end my friends started to sing haha. It was very funny! We danced for some time and went back because I was too tired.

Next day our friends invited us to go to la Serena to buy sea food for take away and have a lunch near the ocean. I wanted to join them so much but, unfortunately, my friend had lecture next day and we couldn’t stay.

That was a great time! I was really glad that I used coachserfing service for this trip. I met very interesting people and spent my holidays in Vicuña perfectly!


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