Seminar from a former Goldman Sachs' trading pro.

Lovely day to all reading this blog, and to all those not reading it too!

The weather is just wonderful here in Singapore – with rare waterfall-like rains. It seems that the period of uninterrupted good weather has finished, and the monsoon season has eventually come into force. Thanks Singaporeans there are covered paths to almost any destination – the most relevant piece of infrastructure to any country lying somewhere near the equator.

Actually, it doesn’t matter for me that it is raining cats and dogs here, because I anyway get to enjoy my exchange. No, it is not because there are covered paths all the way to McDonald’s. This is because my agenda here is like living the dream. The nerd student’s dream – one might say J It was precisely so, before I attended the Singapore Motorshow 2017 and had a different kind of pastime and experience for a change. Singapore does not cease to amaze me with an abundance of exciting events. No day is alike here, nor should it be. When two days in a row I was chosen as a volunteer for the Russ Swift stunt show, I thought that my pot of luck was deemed to have emptied, and the series of unthinkable events should have stopped. Nothing of the kind. It keeps happening to me. Here is a little story to it.

As you might have already noticed, I have been interested in economics and finance lately. Besides this, I have been researching on trading, investment and speculation – spheres contrary to each other. So contrary, that the proponents of both were, at times, about to put up a fight in disputes. To learn more and to somehow satisfy my interest, I have been searching for the information everywhere: I have been reading books, articles, attending seminars at the SGX and watching documentaries. Referring to the last, I have recently watched a British reality television series called “Million Dollar Traders”. Featuring in the series is a famous former Goldman Sachs’ Pan European equities trader Anton Kreil, who was mainly specializing on pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Do I even need to say that he is a real pro? That reality show stirred my interest even more, and I wanted to find out whether he has written any books on trading. It turned out that he hasn’t, but what I found was not less interesting and exciting. It turned out that he moved and is currently residing in Singapore.

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Here he is his office in Singapore.

What a coincidence! How great it would be to meet him in person – I thought. Believe it or not, but I later found out that he has established Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, and is running seminars and giving speeches every now and then. And where do you think he does that – yes, in Singapore! Next seminar is in few days’ time, and there are only few tickets left. I could not believe my luck and started to question my eyesight. No, everything is correct and I am not day-dreaming. I bought the ticket and started to look forward to the seminar’s date.

The day has come. In a nutshell, it was a great evening. I got to see and listen to an inspirational trading pro with a very extensive experience background. During the seminar he was talking about the worst and best retail traders’ traits, traders’ habits and the institute itself. It was very interesting and educative to learn what habits should be quit and what should be get into. He drew a common thread of behavioral patterns that retail traders display, and supported that with the up-to-date statistics from the institute. All in all, a good session on understanding yourself better and learning your potential weaknesses – an invaluable knowledge for someone seeing his future in trading.

It seems that there are even more seminars coming up, and I very much feel like attending those, as the price/value ratio is ridiculously low. I am also considering the courses they are running at the institute, but there are some obstacles to that. Let’s see what future brings!

This is all for today. I trust that you have days as fulfilling and exciting days as mine.

Have a great day and see you soon J


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