High up in the clouds at ION Orchard observation deck

Good day to all J

The best things in life, as we all know, are often for free. This rule seems hardly credible and slightly ridiculous in Singapore, which is considered one of the most expensive countries in the world. Despite all of these, this rule is legit here too.

Holiday in Singapore would certainly come cheaper to anybody who is determined and patient enough to find bargains, or free excellent opportunities that occur every now and then. You can, for instance, get on the top of Marina Bay Sands and see Marina Bay vicinity from one of the best observation decks, enjoy the beaches of Sentosa island, and experience world-class car stunt performance first-hand – all for free, if you keep an eye out for arising opportunities, of which, trust me, there are plenty.

Even now that I have taken advantage of handful of such, they continue to appear, and I am more than willing to grasp them, as there is just little over a month left before the end of my exchange. I am legally obliged to make the most of the remaining time here in Singapore, and I have started to bring it to life.

One of the many things I cannot get enough here in Singapore is its captivating skyline. It acts as a magnet, and I often find myself dazing at the magnificent skyscrapers. At times, I even get overwhelmed with a sudden desire to see it. This is precisely what happened yesterday, and had no other way but to go there. It luckily coincided with me discovering an interesting place with a view on my precious. It was before long that I headed there.

The place I discovered is called ION Orchard. It is a huge shopping mall with a high-rise 55+ floors residential condominium. It turned out that there is a spectacular observation deck on the 55th floor, and the admission is free of charge. Elevator takes you there so fast you get your ears clogged for a moment!

CIMG7450 651x488

55th floor, as you understand is cloud-high. So high you can see neighboring country of Indonesia from there.

CIMG7424 651x488

Off in the distance is one of the several Singapore ports – Jurong Port, if I am not mistaken. As you might remember, during our university trip to Jurong Port Academy I got to operate one of those cranes on a simulator.

CIMG7472 651x868

To assist you in your exploration of the city there are these state-of-the-art telescopes – the first telescope of its kind in Asia. They guarantee you the best views, rain or shine, in the day or at night.

The view is simply breathtaking, and you can see everything in small details. Even though the weather was a little bit dull on that day, I got to enjoy it pretty much. I think I will make it there once again when the nature will present us with a sunny and clear day.

This is all for today, but more is yet to come as I am going to explore Singapore with an even greater zeal as the exchange timer is running.

Have a great weekend and see you soon J


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