Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site

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This precisely what the weather is like in Singapore now – light thunderstorms and rain. Thunderstorms so light your windows start to tremble, and rains so gentle you subconsciously start to look up for some ark to get on. Luckily, Singaporeans are very good architects and city planners, so there are covered areas all along the main walking paths protecting citizens from rain and lightings, and all the city is equipped with drain commissioners so that the city would not be flooded as it sometimes happens in the neighboring countries.

But does one really feel like going out anywhere in a weather like this. Yes! I am that very person. A person who’s exchange semester is coming to an end and s/he is grasping every interesting opportunity desperately, as one is grasping at straws. I am simply obliged to see every remarkable place now that I am in Singapore, as one never knows whether he is going to come here again in his life. So let’s make the most out of it even though the weather is doing its best to convince to stay indoors. No, the weather forecast says that it is going to be raining the whole next week. There is no way I am going to spend 7 days in a dorm. Having said that, I feel that I should now put my money where my mouth is, and actually go and see something!

CIMG7364 651x488

Looks more like a park, but it is a city street.

CIMG7368 651x868

Singapore, though heavily urbanized and built up, is a very green city. Look, for example, at these sceneries near Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre where the Singapore Motorshow 2017 took place.

As land is scarce in what is one of the most densely populated countries, urban planners aim to maximize use of land. Being very efficient and prudent in it, there is still a place for many parks and natural reserves in Singapore. Remembering my experience at Fort Canning part, which was indeed a very pleasant discovery, I am seriously determinedto explore the major parks and natural reserves.

CIMG7551 651x488

To bring it to life, I headed to the Singapore Botanic Gardens - UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its tropical flora set is simply spectacular.

CIMG7573 651x488

It was raining all day from 2pm onwards – and, accordingly, it was raining almost uninterruptedly the four hours I was exploring park. What shall I say? It was amazing. I bought a rain poncho and went on to explore.

CIMG7546 651x488

I managed to capture half an hour of rainless weather in the very beginning, but as you can see from the clouds, this couldn’t last too long.

It is a perfect place for recreation. You can, for instance, have a picnic here, or a walk with your friends. Alternatively, you could come here to do some sports – there were many people jogging and exercising in the park even though it was raining cats and dogs at times. I felt like joining them, but I don’t think my camera and wallet would have liked that idea.

CIMG7598 651x488

Symphony lake.

CIMG7613 651x488

The park was full of such nature sceneries.

CIMG7660 651x488

The Swan lake.

CIMG7639 651x868


CIMG7637 651x488

It at times felt I was in a jungle.

CIMG7672 651x488

First time in my life I saw Bonsai trees.

I went home no sooner than I finished exploring the whole garden. It took me approximately four hours. Soaking wet but delighted by the new discovery I headed home.

I am finishing today’s blog here, and heading to a city tour, which is run for free and organized by local enthusiasts from the Nanyang Technological University.

Have a good day and see you soon!


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