Meeting four kind enthusiasts from SIngapore

Good day to all reading this blog J

The rule that the best things in life are free has proven itself once again. Saying it I do not mean the more primitive material things like a timepiece or a lottery gift. I am speaking in terms of more important values such as friendship, kindness and sincerity.

As you might remember from one of the previous blogs, I promised to explore Singapore to the fullest in the remaining one and a half months. Feeling that I had to put my money where my mouth is, I decided to go for a city tour. Being honest with you, what lured me in to that activity was that it came for free to anyone who just appeared at an appointed meeting place. The advertisement on the web page looked trustworthy and the tour promised to be interesting, so I joined without much hesitation.

Our tour was organized by a group of four – all students of Nanyang Technological University and members of Tourism and Hospitality Management Club.

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Here we are J The four tour guides or, better say, kind enthusiasts, are taking the front row. I couldn’t help but join them.

What can I say? They must be very good students and exceptionally passionate of what they do, as the tour was amazing. Shortly speaking, it was a very thorough walking tour filled with facts and jokes. What I liked most about the tour itself, is that we got to hear the story behind the main sights of the city in a very interesting manner.

In the early times of Singapore, Raffles Place, for instance, was a place where people would come to find out the latest news. It is now surrounded with three tallest buildings – 280 meters each.

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Here is one of them - the Republic Plaza.

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The name for this sculpture is First Generation. Do you want to know the story behind this? In the early days of Singapore there was only one bridge nearby to get on the other side of the river, and one could only cross it for a fee. Unable to pay, people had to jump into the water and swim to get on the other side.

On the first photo of this blog you can see Marina Bay Sands hotel. There is a casino at the underground levels of the hotel. Our tour guide explained us that the form of the MBS resembles a hieroglyph – three vertical lines with one horizontal crossing them on the top. If I got it right, it is somehow associated with the fact that money will not leave that place – that the money is actually enclosed in the building, which is bad for the gamblers and good for the casino owners. I think it is all a matter of probabilities, but this was a very interesting coincidence indeed J

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I made friends with these nice people and had some fun.

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They invited us for a dinner, and we were very glad to join J

They were so kind that actually tried to treat us a dinner, which was too kind of them already. They made our evening, and that alone was more than enough!

I am so glad I met these wonderful people and got to know Singapore a little bit closer. It was a great evening with in a very nice company. We have agreed to meet with them again, so I think more is yet to come.

This is, however, all for today J

Have a great day and see you soon!


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