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Lovely day to all!

It is Saturday, January 28th – do you know what it means? It means that it is Chinese New Year! How great it is that I can actually have two new year celebrations in one months. This is how advantageous your exchange could be if you study at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. For those of you, my friends and readers, who celebrate Lunar New Year, here’s wishing you and your family happiness, good health and best fortune in the year of the Rooster.

In Asian Culture Lunar New Year is traditionally an occasion for reunion and celebration with families and friends. It is a time when people immerse in the blessings of togetherness, love and harmony. As for me, being far away from home and unable to reunion and celebrate with my family and closest friends, it is an occasion to immerse myself in the Asian Culture and the tradition of this wonderful celebration. What could make a good beginning? I think I managed to come with the best one – I went to see Asian Civilizations Museum.

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I particularly like this contrast of the predominantly colonial style of the museum, the greenery and the skyscrapers. There is a host of such in Singapore.

By this image of contrasts alone you can say that Asian civilization has progressed very significantly. It seems even more unthinkable as you enter the Museum and explore the numerous exhibitions it has on offer. From Ancient Religions traced thousand years back in time and the ideal of scholar in Chinese Culture to the more modern-time Trade exhibitions and, no matter how controversial it would sound, futuristic Contemporary Art.

For me it was particularly interesting to see how Singapore looked more than a century ago, and how it was transforming and developing over the decades.

CIMG7858 651x488

CIMG7854 651x488

It was very interesting indeed to learn more about the Asian Civilizations in the midst of the main celebration breaking out. If you ever happen to come to Singapore, this is a must-see if you want to get to know Asian culture closer. It is a full immersion, as the sound and light effects, as well as furnishing make the exhibition resemble the past times.

I am ending this blog here and now heading to Marina Bay to see the New Year festivities with large scale dazzling lantern displays, fireworks, traditional crafts and many more. They are sure to be spectacular and colorful! Stay tuned and you will find out how it is like to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Singapore.

See you soon!


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